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String Wound Cartridge Filter

String Wound Cartridge Filter


Specifications :-

  • Regular and customized sizes are available to match most housings.

  • Extensive chemical adaptability and long assistance filter life lead to cost benefits.

  • Large covering area improves pp string wound cartridges filtration efficiency

  • PP wound cartridges have extensive classes of applications and a different range of extraction ratings

  • The pattern construction of pp wound filters offer compatible performances of large dirt handling capacity

  • PP wound cartridges have graded pore construction for effective elimination of a wide variety of scrap sizes

  • 100% polypropylene permits no odor, foaming, adhesives, and no fine fiber dropping out.


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We are the company serving you in different water systems that give you efficient and smooth running products. Our wide range of products with the best quality and best prices make us different from others.

String wound filter cartridge is a kind of depth cartridge filter built by spinning a yarn around a core. Gopani's String wound filter cartridge gives true intensity filtration, extraordinary dirt holding capacity, and extremely low media departure. They are a chosen, one-piece cartridge, constructed using a high speed, constant wind process, and are prepared in a broad variety of measures and porosities. Particularly notable is the availability of filters in an almost infinite combination of media and core material, to manage virtually any chemical environment or temperature.

We provide you the best product at a high-efficiency rate. This product gives you excellent filter quality with less maintenance. We give an ISO certified product with the assurance of quality and long span of the product. It also gives you a negligible error in the output.

  • Industrial RO Spares - Filter
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  • Electronic industry - pre-filter for ultra-pure water.

  • Food and beverage industry - filter of mineral water wines and fruit juices, etc.

  • Medicine industry- filter of drug liquid and gases.

  • Petroleum industry - filter for oil & greasy field flooding.


  • The cartridge is designed to resist high pressure.

  • The cartridge is of a single-piece frame which promotes efficiency change out.

  • High filtration performance.

  • High dirt handling capability.

  • Wide range of micron retention

  • Quality consistency.



What are the main components in String Wound Filter?

Ans. Core

  • Yarn

  • Endcap

  • Gasket

2 What is Micron Rating?

Ans. Micron rating indicates the ability of the filter to remove contaminants by the size of particles. A filter with a 10-micron rating can catch and clean out impurity as tiny as 10 microns.

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