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Solenoid Valve  15mm

Solenoid Valve 15mm


Specifications :-

  • This valve has a Stainless steel body with a long life.

  • It is used in industrial water treatment plants.

  • This is a direct operated valve.

  • It is an excellent electrically controlled valve.

  • This valve is very easy to operate.

  • It is a Leakproof and Maintenance free Valve.

  • It is a fast acting solenoid Valve.


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Solenoid valve 15mm is an electrically controlled valve . The valve consists of a solenoid, an electric loop, with a portable ferromagnetic center (unlogger) in the middle. In the rest of the situation, the unclogger gets away with a little opening. An electric current through the loop creates an attractive field. 

The attractive area applies an upward energy to the hole-opening unclogger. This is the fundamental rule used to open and close solenoid valves. Solenoid valves are utilized to close, open, portion, circulate or blend the progression of gas or fluid in a line. Solenoid valves are the most oftentimes utilized control components in fluidics. Solenoid valves are control units which, when electrically invigorated or de-empowered, either shut off or permit liquid stream


Brand - Aira

Model - ISD

Valve Size - 15 mm

Body - Stainless Steel      

Coil Voltage  - 12 V

Pressure -  0.5 to 10 Bar

Media - Air, Water , Light Oil , Gas

  • Industrial RO Spares - Solenoid Valve
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Solenoid valves are capable of controlling high-temperature liquids such as hot water, chemicals, oil, is used in many application areas. It is long durable , low cost maintenance,light weight Valve . It is used  in industrial water treatment plants in many areas.

Used and Benefits of Solenoid valve 15MM:

  • Solenoid valves are utilized in numerous industrial and common fields.

  • It is used in industrial water treatment systems.

  • It is generally used to automatically close or open water in a water pipeline.

  • An advantage of this is that these valves do not deteriorate quickly.



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