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Side Mount Filter Multiport Valve 50 NB

Side Mount Filter Multiport Valve 50 NB


Specifications :-

  • Side mount is somewhat easier to practice in the lengthy run.

  • Top mounts come with the valve

  • 100% water leak-free pressure & functional factory tasted.

  • Durable lever-action handle.

  • The positive-lock operation provides access to a full range of filtration.

  • Low cost of spare parts.


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10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


We are a company dealing in water and wastewater treatment systems. We are offering you the best quality product at the best prices.

UKL's side mounts water filters Multiport Valve are innovatively planned for versatile purposes. They are smooth to run and also give outstanding sealing capacity. With just an easy shift of the handle, various functions like filter backwash, rinse brine suction and brine rinse can be completed. These valves are also aesthetically created to fit unobtrusively in any system.

The Side Mount Multiport Valve - 50NB, offered you, is constructed from a quality raw body that ensures a more extended service period. We suggested an extensive plan of filters constructed with polyester and glass fiber winding for large resistance and high-quality water filtration. Further, these multiport valves are broadly used as filters, softeners, and also as for water circulation.

  • Industrial RO Spares - Multiport Valve
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Multiport valves are created for best execution and running pressures. These valves highlight a stable creation of molded ABS mixed UV bodies with heavy-duty plastic holders, PVC socket which allows leak-free solvent welds to PVC piping, which is designed to top position of world measure by the stringent quality command systems.


  • Inlet size-2", outlet size-2".

  • Maximum working pressure-5 kg/cm2.

  • Use for RO.

  • Glass-filled polyamide structure

  • Union male end joints



1 Is it ok to leave the pump off?

Ans. Turning your pool pump off. It's right that not operating your swimming pool pump could possibly save you money on your electric bill. But, after that, you have to spend on chlorine, acid, and service maintenance.

2 Can a pool filter explode?

Ans.Yes. Many homeowners have pool filters that are not safely manufactured.

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