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RO Membrane Housing 8040

RO Membrane Housing 8040


Specifications :-

  • The Models are having End Port and Side Port composition.

  • Tolerance = ±0.1mm 

  • Warranty 1 Year against Manufacturing Defects Only

  • The End Cap head assembly of these housing comes with a single piece molded seal plate , a distinctive high quality seal ring and a durable aluminum bearing plate along with a 3 turn stainless steel ring for locking. Unique  design the head seal prevents it from rolling while insertion and removal of head assembly thereby enables easy fitment and removal.

  • As per customer request Victolic couplings are also provided.


*Inclusive of All Taxes
Free Delivery
10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


RO membrane Housing 8040 are semipermeable in nature and act as selective barrier; it allows few things to pass and stops others things like  molecules, chemical ions and even bacteria For this to happen and to reverse the principal of osmosis these membranes require huge pressure in enclosed area , the membrane housing provides this pressure to the membranes. These housing act as pressure vessels and are manufactured from Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic – FRP and can handle high pressure as well as high operating temperature.

Technical Specifications of RO Membrane 8040:- 

Brand - UKL 

Type - FRP end port Model 

Usage/Application - Industrial & Commercial 

Model/Type - 8040 

Color - White

Size - 8040

Material - FRP

Max Operating Pressure - 300 PSI

Installation Service - Yes ( With Additional Charges )

No of Elements - 1 – 8 

Pressure Ratings Psi - 250, 450, 600,1000 and 1200.

Multi Porting Options - 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” and 4” diameter IPS grooved feed/ concentrate ports for interconnecting the vessels.

  • Industrial RO Spares - Housing
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For reversing the osmosis process with the use of pumping generated pressure the RO membrane elements are fixed into these pressure vessels known as membrane housing , manufactured with FRP Material they are able to provide the required pressure to these semi permeable membranes and allow permeate water to pass through on one side and let reject water to flow from other end.

Application areas Of RO Membrane Housing 8040:-

RO Membrane housing is extensively used in Industrial as well as commercial water purification applications. Made from FRP Material these are suitably designed to ensure zero leakage and easy replacement of membrane elements. Application areas of these housing are for purification of large quantities of water either for internal usage of industries like pharma or for addition in end products  like food & beverages , ink & dyes etc. 



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