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RO Membrane Housing 4040

RO Membrane Housing 4040


Specifications :-

  • These housing comes in the End Port and Side Port model.

  • The Internal diameter of these vessels are mirror finished to a tolerance of ±0.1mm , due to this loading & unloading of membranes is very easy.

  • Polyurethane paints are used for polishing & coating of these housing , this provides UV resistance as well as excellent aesthetics.

  • The End Cap of these housing comes with a single piece molded seal plate along with a distinctive high grade seal ring and a durable aluminum bearing plate with a 3 turn stainless steel ring for locking. Due to this  distinctive design removal and insertion of the end cap becomes very easy.

  • 1 Inch half union is provided as a permeate port . Also available are other options of 1 1/1" BSP(M) threads and 1" BSP(F) threads . ( We provide NPT threads as per request).

  • saddle and SS straps  are supplied with all models.

  • Victolic couplings are made available as per request.

  • Warranty 1 Year against Manufacturing Defects Only


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1 Year Warranty


As semi permeable membrane housing 4040 used in RO Systems require buildup pressure to force permeate water through it therefore these membrane needs to be put into industrial designed housing which can easily withheld the built in pressure as well as ensure zero leakage.These pressure vessels are manufactured from FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and has high pressure handling & operating temperature.

Technical Specifications of membrane Housing 4040:- 

Brand - UKL 

Type - FRP end port Model 

Usage/Application - Commercial & Industrial

Model/Type - 4040 

Color - White

Size - 4040

Material - FRP

Max Operating Pressure - 300 PSI

Installation Service - Yes ( With Additional Charges )

  • Industrial RO Spares - Housing
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These pressure vessels known as membrane housing are a must for any Industrial RO System to work , designed with FRP Material they are able to provide the required pressure generated through the pumping system of the Industrial RO to the loaded membrane elements. Uniquely designed to have an end port and side port option they have different flow streams for permeate and reject water.

Application areas of membrane Housing 4040 :-

These pressure vessels are widely used in Industrial as well as commercial water purification plants. These housing are ideal to handle high pressure typically required to let permeate water flow through and impurities get rejected in the RO System. 

Membrane Housing used in many industries like

  • Textiles 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Food and beverages 
  • large institutions  are using these pressure  vessels to generate highly purified water. 



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