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Pressure Gauge  S.S. Gel Filled  Pressure measuring range-100 psi

Pressure Gauge S.S. Gel Filled Pressure measuring range-100 psi


Specifications :-

  • Dial Size-63mm which gives you clear info.

  • Pressure measuring range-100 psi ( 7 kg/cm2).

  • Robust in design


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Our company is one of the leading companies in manufacturing water and wastewater systems. We use international standard accessories for manufacturing our product that gives you a premium quality product. 

These HR Guru pressure Gauges are versatile bourbon tube-based appliances with SS movement. Stainless steel structure offers a good blend of corrosion resistance and power. Stainless Steel Construction Pressure Gauge, Safety Glass Lens, Full Protection, Fillable Case. Pressure Gauges are planned and completed to reduce failure and to guard personnel and goods. These Pressure Gauges are prepared with Glycerin. Fillings grant extra stability from vibration, pulsation, and shock.

We are committed to enhance and update the quality of the products by approving the latest quality management techniques that assure the reliability and productivity of the products. We have raised quality policies, preserve close connections with our clients to give more adequate products and services. We deliver high customer satisfaction through devotion, swift response times, and quality. To guarantee our company's victory, we are running continuously at raising the knowledge, skills, and motivation of our employees.

  • Industrial RO Spares - Pressure Gauge
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  • Pressure gauges are used to obtain definite scaling effects for the brake system. With force gauges, it is conceivable to test the compressed-air system on trucks as well as on respective trailers. The pressure gauge includes "set pressures" when the brake pedal is pushed.

  • Pressure gauges, an instrument also measuring the status of a liquid that is defined by the power that the fluid would use.


  • Help workers define loss to their system because they stay informed of filter status.

  • Stop legal issues within filter manufacturers and customers who overexert the life of their filters and ill-treat the systems

  • it Rises filter cartridge sales by helping consumers stay notified of the filter's state

  • Help identify your filter from the 1,000's of contenders out there.



  1. Define Gauge pressure?

Ans It is the difference between the absolute and the local atmospheric pressure.

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