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Pack of  jumbo cartridge filter housing and  Cartridge filter Plus Spanner (free)

Pack of jumbo cartridge filter housing and Cartridge filter Plus Spanner (free)


Specifications :-

Material of Cartridge filter Spun
Material of cartridge filter housing Polypropylene
Maintenance Easy and long service life
Warranty of housing 1 Year against manufacturing defects
Product Benefits Remove Dust, and pollutant from water


*Inclusive of All Taxes
Free Delivery
10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


We introduced ourselves as one of the best and leading manufacturers in filtration, purification, absorption, and separation solution. We provide you the best services in our relatable product. Bag Filter Housings are practiced in a kind of applications where the filter is to be planned for a huge flow rate and high dust holding capacity. They are especially helpful for applications where there is a high dissolved solid load in the fluid and a huge flow rate. Different parts of Bag Filter Housings are Filter Bag, Internal Cage to support cage, sealing order, and end connection. Bag Filters are used as Pre-filter to Cartridge Filters to eliminate the rougher suspended particles which increases the life of filter cartridges. We provide you the best quality products customized according to your needs. This product will give you a high-level performance and high durability with a long-lasting life.

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  • It can be installed after the transfer pump so that dust, silt, dirt and sometimes even small worms found in water is purely filtered and then pumped to overhead tank.
  • Good Quality Products ,for All RO Water Purifiers



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