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Activated Carbon block 5 micron, 2.5 Inch X 20 Inch

Activated Carbon block 5 micron, 2.5 Inch X 20 Inch


Specifications :-

  • Effective in Removing Chlorine, Dust, bad odor
  • Any Particles Sizing equal or More than 5 Micron Get easily Captured
  • It Purifies active organic compounds and pesticides
  • The best filter for tasting water
  • Portable and lightweight filtration technology


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We introduced ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of water and waste treatment systems. We provide you with the best quality products with the latest and modern equipment.

Carbon block proposes the chance for very fine sediment filtration and absolute control and filtration of almost negligible scraps to less than 1 micron in size. At the same time, carbon blocks can be used to remove any number of biochemical contaminants that may be dissolved in the water. 

  • Industrial RO Spares - others
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  • Activated carbon blocks are used to purify liquids and gases.

  • In municipal drinking water, food and beverage processing to remove contaminants.

  • Odor removal, industrial pollution control.



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