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60 mm 20 Inches Cartridge Filter 5 Micron

60 mm 20 Inches Cartridge Filter 5 Micron


Specifications :-


  • It’s a melt blown filter made up of Polypropylene, ideal for prefiltration to various water treatment for drinking purpose or effluent & sewage treatment.  

  • Has a high retention of sediments up to 90%. 

  • Best suited for applications like RO System , UV Sterilizers etc

  • Sufficiently removes suspended particles by using a gradient density depth construction. 

  • Ideal for RO Plants having 100 LPH to 500 LPH Flow.


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60 mm 20 inches Cartridge filters are made up of material like polypropylene or wound strands and are widely used in the Industrial as well as domestic RO system to remove small suspended particles or sometimes chemicals from the water.

Technical Specfications

Type of Filter Melt Blown

Material used in manufacturing Polypropylene

Size 60 mm * 20 Inches

Filters upto 5 Microns

Operating Pressure 3 kg max

Delta Pressure 1.5 – 2 kg / Cm 

Retention 90% 


  • Industrial RO Spares - Filter
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These filters are placed into housings and work towards eliminating suspended solids or chemicals, salts of various types, these are used in different industries for achieving high quality of filtered water.

Application areas

These filters are used in industries like health care, pulp & paper, textile    , water treatment plants , water desalinization purpose , domestic as well as Industrial water treatment applications.




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