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5 Micron Cartridge Filter 120 mm 20 Inches

5 Micron Cartridge Filter 120 mm 20 Inches


Specifications :-

  • Made using the melt blown process these filters are made up of Polypropylene a synthetic resin. 

  • Able to retain upto 90% of sediments. 

  • It works as a process of mechanical filtration that stops the flow of suspended solids and eliminates the impurities out of freshly filtered water .


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Cartridge filters are pre filters used in various water treatment applications and are highly useful in eliminating turbidity from water, these are made from material like polypropylene or wound strands.

Technical Specfications:

Type of Filter Melt Blown

Material used in manufacturing Polypropylene

Size 120 mm * 20 Inches

Filters upto 5 Microns

Operating Pressure 3 kg max

Delta Pressure 1.5 – 2 kg / Cm 

Retention 90%

  • Industrial RO Spares - Filter
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They are typically installed first in the scheme of filtration before other water treatment systems like RO System to save more costly spares like Membranes. Fitted into housings housing or a casing and used to remove harmful particles, pollutants, and chemicals from liquids.

Application areas

Widely used in various water treatment applications like Industrial RO Systems , U V Sterilizers , desalination plants as well as other effluent and sewage treatment applications. Also used in pool water filtration , micro breweries , hotel and restaurant industry , Inks & paints Industry , Ideal for RO system above 500 LPH



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