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10 Micron Cartridge Filter

10 Micron Cartridge Filter


Specifications :-

·   Filtration range in micron-10micron, length -20 inch

·   We provide you this product in different sizes.

·   It has an Exceptional cleaning feature.


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Our company is a pioneer designer of filtration, purification, absorption and separation solution. Where we manufacture premium quality products and services and always try to give you the best experience.

Pearl Water offers you  the best quality Cartridge filter that covers less space and gives you efficient quality work. These cartridge filters are dense in design and innovative area savers and are used widely in Mineral Grinding, Pigments & Chemicals, Polymers & Ceramics, Pneumatic Conveying System, Powder Coating & many more. In the cartridge filter, the polluted air enters the dust collector and crosses by the filter cartridges. These cartridges hold the dirt bits on the outer surface and release only the clean air, free from any pollutants, to pass through ensuring a clean, fresh and safe environment.

We offers you a cartridge filter that covers less space and gives you the same result as a house bag filter does. It is a high-density pleated area that gives you a large filtered area. It is a cost-saving and effective product. Pearl Water uses International Standard Accessories in the manufacturing of our product. So there are chances of ZERO default. We are ensuring you with our long-lasting quality that requires low maintenance. 

  • Industrial RO Spares - Filter
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·   Industrial usage like Municipal Water, Pre -RO filtration, Reclaimed Water, Reclaimed water.

·   In petrochemicals like Water FLooding, produced Water, Enhance oil recovery.

·   In Electronics pre-water filtration and process water.

·   In Food and industry for process water.


·   There is no Backwashing. Unlike sand filters, cartridge filters don't require backwashing.

·   It saves energy. Because they don't require backwashing, cartridge filters are extra energy-efficient as compared to sand filters.

·   It conserves water that is its main feature and benefits

·   Cartridge filter has an exceptional cleaning feature that removes all the dust particles from it.



1. Is this product available in different sizes?

Ans. yes, this product is available in different sizes

5 Micron length 20 inch

10 Micron length 20 inch

2 For how long did this product work?

Ans The life span of this product is 1 to 6 months.

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