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Pentair FRP Vessel 18*65

Pentair FRP Vessel 18*65


Specifications :-

  • The capacity- 66.1 gallon volume is quite high in this range.

  • Volume is 250 litres.

  • Excellent base finish and surface

  • Trouble free performance without any kind of leakage

  • Maximum operating pressure-150psi.

  • Vessel diameter-19 inch (473 mm ) which gives your product a clean entry.

  • Vessel height-64 inch (1640 mm)


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18*65 FRP vessel is manufactured from composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres and is known as Fibreglass Reinforced Glass Plastic.

It is widely used in Industrial as well as Domestic water treatment applications. High Quality of material increases life of the product and also its easy to use.

Technical Specifications of 18*65 FRP vessel :

Size - 18 x 65 Inches

Opening - 4"T 

Operating Pressure - 10 Bar

Height  w/base  - 1753 (mm)  

Height w/o base - 1640 (mm)

Dia - 473  (mm)

Capacity - 250  (litres)  

Base - SMC 

Weight w/base - 32.83 (Kg) 

Reason why customers prefer FRP Tanks over conventional tanks

Tanks made of Steel / Other Metals

FRP Vessels

Bulky ,  not easy to handle and installation cost very high due to use of cranes for overhead placements

60% lighter than other metals , easy to handle with low maintenance cost

Will rust over period of time

Non-corrosive properties 

Rubber lining to be replaced periodically

Low  on maintenance

Regular work of paint and other coatings required 

Due to the outer material being fiberglass, it does not change color.

  • Seamless single piece high density PE liner encapsulated in outer reinforced fiberglass winding

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FRP vessel 18*65 is an Ideal product used as a treatment or storage tank in various fresh water & waste water applications. It’s able to stand widespread pressure, harmful chemical abrasives and harsh weather conditions too.

The vessel is available in various sizes and customers can buy it as per their requirements.

Application areas

Commercial Composite vessels are used basically for large commercial and industrial uses like 

  • Softening

  • Filtration

  • Storage




How many years is the warranty of this product?

1 year

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