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Pentair FRP Vessel 12*48

Pentair FRP Vessel 12*48


Specifications :-

  • Max. Working Pressure:100PSI

  • Capacity-20.6 gallon

  • Volume-78 liter

  • Maximum operating pressure-150psi

  • Vessel height-48 inch

  • High impact strength

  • Maintenance free

  • Vessel diameter 12 inch

  • Available in many Size

  • Inner shell made up of PE (Polyethylene)

  • Bottom base is made up of FRP reinforced tripod base

  • Outer shells are made up of continuous strands of fibre-glass with high strength epoxy resins.


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FRP Stands for (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics).12*48 FRP Vessels are one of the preferred choices for commercial and industrial water treatment applications which required higher flexibility. FRP tanks are made of excellent quality material with latest blow molding techniques.

 Major feature of 12*48 FRP Vessel:

  • Completely rust free so more durable 

  • Completely Corrosion free so product is long lasting

  • Excellent resistance and Strength

  • Light weight product, easy for installation as well as transportation

  • Easy to maintain 

  • Easy to handle and install

Why customers prefer 12*48 Pentair vessels?

  • High Quality product

  • Provides best warranty in business

  • Excellent Support

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FRP vessel used in various kind of industry due to its high quality as well as extraordinary strength.12*48 FRP vessel ideal for commercial as well as residential Water softener as well as filtration process. This tank has unmatched strength as well as chemical resistance. 

FRP vessels and tanks are widely used in the following sectors: 

Used in Water and WasteWater Treatment Plants

In Metal Extraction Industry

In Food processing Unit

Used in Air pollution Control 

Used in chemical industry for safe storage



1. Is it high maintenance required in 12*48 FRP vessels?

Ans. No, low maintenance required in 128$* FRP Vessels.

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