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Mutigrade FIlter Media Fine

Mutigrade FIlter Media Fine


Specifications :-

Sand Type    -  Fine

Size   -  0.4 to 0.6 mm

Brand   - Pearl

Colour   - Brown

Packaging Size  -  50 Kgs per Bag

Form  - Powder


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The Sand that is passing through a sieve with an Opening of 1.5mm is called as the Fine sand.It is used in Multigrade Filter for water filtration process. Fine media  is mainly used for Plastering  Works. It is used in Multigrade Filter as  a primary  Filter Media .This  Provides clean water to crystal particles.This media removes small Impurities from  Raw water . Fine sand filters work primarily by biological activity as well as straining and trapping particles in a sand filter. The fine sand layer traps large and small dirty particles in the water that produce purifying bacteria to kill harmful substances. 

Fine Filter Media is clogged quickly and rate of filtration is reduced. On the other hand very coarse sand allows suspended particles and microscopic organisms to go through the sand bed. Its use is very important because it does not contain any empty space in the filter, thus the raw water has to pass through its particles.

Fine sand is a naturally occurring granular material made out of finely divided rock and mineral particles. It provides the structure of plaster.

  • Waste Water - Xxx
  • Flow Per Day - Xcd
  • Technology - xxd
  • Fresh Water - Xcf
  • Water Hardness - Xcs
  • Ease Of Operation - Xcf
  • Water Recovery Rate - Xaw
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Input Scale - Fgv
  • Flow Per Hour - Cds
  • Others - Dcv
  • OGT Spares - Sa
  • STP Spares - Zx
  • ETP Spares - Cc
  • Industrial RO Spares - Xx
  • Water Softener Spares - Xx
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Uses and Benefits Mutigrade FIlter Media Fine: 

  • It  is used in the water treatment industry.

  • It is used for making concrete

  • it is  is used  for filling under floor, basements

  • it's removes turbidity from water in water filters.

Application areas of Mutigrade FIlter Media Fine:

Fine Media used in MGF of Industrial RO Plants for  water Filtration. It is used to make buildings and sand pots.



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