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Multigrade Filter Media Gravel

Multigrade Filter Media Gravel


Specifications :-


  • Material  - Gravel
  • Brand - Pearl
  • Size  - 5mm - 25 mm
  • Form - Solid
  • Packaging Size - 25Kgs Bag   
  • Colour  - Multi Colour


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Gravel Filter Media is made from crushed Rock fragments. It’s an extremely effective filter media . Gravel Filtration Media is commonly used in Water and Wastewater filtration applications  to Remove Dust and Suspended Solids.

For maximum efficiency, the gravel must possess attributes of hardness. The gravels are screened into various sizes which support the filter media effectively.

Features of Gravel Filter Media :

  • Free of organic Impurities

  • The Grains are smooth and rounded

  • It is made of hard ,insoluble material

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Used and Benefits of Gravel Filter Media:

  • Used for road construction

  • used to make roofing shingles, 

  • Its ability to repel impurities in water.

  • gravel acts as a check for the suspended particles in the water.

  • This media can be used in biological filters.

  • It's remove small bugs or organisms



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