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Multigrade Filter Media Coarse

Multigrade Filter Media Coarse


Specifications :-

Sand Type  - Coarse

Size  - 1mm to 2mm,2 mm to 4mm

Brand   - Pearl

Colour - Brown

Packaging Size  - 25 Kgs Bag

Form - Powder


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The sand that is passing through a sieve with an opening of 3.1 mm is called the coarse sand.

coarse sand is used as the second topmost filter layer. The upper layer of coarse removes big particles before they arrive at the fine layer,allowing the filter to operate for a longer period before clogging. The coarse media have been plastic carriers normally used for moving bed bioreactors.

Uses and Benefits of Multigrade Filter Media Coarse: 

  • It is used in industrial water filtration system

  • It is used to remove suspended solids from water

  • This media layers produce unparalleled filter water quality

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Use of Filter Media Coarse becomes necessary in water filters because it catches large debris so that small media does not need to be cleaned often. one of the major benefits is the use of fine sand in coastal areas as subgrade filling, which can overcome the lack of construction materials in these areas. 

Coarse sand is generally used in construction, often providing bulk, strength and stability to other materials such as asphalt, concrete, mortar, render, cement, and screed. Coarse media is very useful for the physical treatment of water and it helps for the slow filtration system which is most important for obtaining clean water.

Application areas of Filter Media:

This  filter media is used in industrial water filtration machines. And it's also used for construction. Coarse sand is very useful for bed pipes and septic systems and is also useful for road and pavement construction.



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