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Dosing Pump

Dosing Pump


Specifications :-

  • It has a solid PTFE Diaphragm for long lasting life.

  • It has a user-friendly knob to adjust the frequency.

  • Double ball NRV ensures a long life .

  • Built in ARV ( Air Release Valve).

  • Adjustable Frequency.

  • Wetted parts suitable for most aggressive chemicals.

  • Light Weight

  • Level switch interlock available.

  • SPM - up to 400 spm

  • It works at high operating flow

  • Corrosion proof coating with powerful engine

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Excellent proportional control with higher turn-down ratio

  • No possibility of any leakage


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Dosing pumps are primarily used to inject liquids into a medium with a specified volume and with the highest possible grade accuracy within a specified time period. It is an electronic metering pump using a solenoid, controlled by an internal circuit to drive a reciprocating diaphragm,

Technical Specifications of Dosing Pump:

Usage/Application - Water Treatment

Brand - E-Dose

Model - IMP64

Suction Tubing  - 4-6mm

Voltage - 230 V AC

Dosing Rate - 6 lph (4kg/cm2)

Speed - 0-400spm

Power Source - Electric

Power Consumption  - 30 W

Warranty - 1 Year against manufacturing defects 

Material of Construction :

Pump Head - PPO

Diaphragm - PTFE

Connectors - Glass filled PP

Suction/Discharge Tubing - PE.

Ball Seal - VITON

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An advantage of Dosing Pump is that its head is molded for better dimensional accuracy and better chemical resistance.

Uses and benefits of Dosing Pump :

  • It is used to maintain proper mixture of solvent with the water content on the construction suites for various purposes.

  • Dosing pumps are used in the dairy industry, food processing plants, pharmaceutical industry, bottling plants, water treatment plants.

  • It is used to maintain proper mixture of-

  1. Polyelectrolyte in water.

  2. Hypochlorite in  raw water, RO Plant , UF Plant.

  3. Acid in water for PH adjustment.

  4. Alkali in water for PH Correction.

  5. Chlorine in UF,ETP and STP Plant.

  6. Liquid fertilizer in nursery farms.

  7. Antiscalant chemical in RO Plant .

  8. Corrosion and scale inhibitors in cooling towers, bio-dispensers.



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