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Pack of 3 Pearl Water Sediment Filter Classic
Domestic Ro Spare

Pack of 3 Pearl Water Sediment Filter Classic


Specifications :-

Size:- 10 inch(25 cm)

Diameter – 2 inch

Micron Rating – 5 Micron

Material - Food Grade Plastic

Brand - Pearl Water

Easy To Install, Do Self Installation

Capacity - 2500 GAL

Includes - Water Filter and Cartridges

Country Of Origin - INDIA

Net Quantity - 1


*Inclusive of All Taxes
Free Delivery
10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty


• Pearl Water Sediment Filter for all type of Domestic Water Filter and Purifier.

• This Sediment filter uses a step-by-step filtration per stone.

• Sediment filter effectively eliminates various foreign bodies that come from water pipeline such as bits of rust and also protects the RO membrane.

• Easy to replace and install the inline filters.

• Change this sediment filter set every year for safe and healthy drinking water.

• Provides healthy environment by giving pure and safe potable water for drinking after purification.

• Sediment filter effectively removes various Dirt particles that come from services water pipe such as bits of rust and also protect the membrane to provide your RO Water Purifier a long life.

• This Product typically last for 3 to 9 months.

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Sediment filters are important components of water treatment systems. As we all know water has dirt, debris, or fine particulate in it, a sediment filter is necessary. Sediment filters are also vital in ensuring other filters and water filtration equipment can operate efficiently.

  • It is safer than tap and bottled water
  • Removes large sediment particles
  • Easy to install
  • Better taste
  • Environment Friendly
  • Low Cost


Sediment filters remove visible particulate matter, and any particles of dirt, sand, dust, and debris that can be caught by its micron-rated capacity. Sediment filters also remove turbidity from water.

  • Eco Friendly Nature
  • Protects RO membrane & UV Filter
  • Efficient & Low Maintenance required



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