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Domestic Ro Spare Parts Combo

Pearl Water RO Filter kit with RO membrane & filters for All Type of Domestic Water Purifier.

Combo package of RO filter parts Contains Membrane, Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, and Cartridge Filter.

Pearl Water provides one of the most trusted products on Amazon, Flipkart, and now on its own official Pearl Water E-Commerce. This is one of the best filtration processes available in the current market. These RO products will help you to get a clean, safe, healthy, and toxin-free water supply.

Sediment filters and Pre Carbon Filters both have a place in a comprehensive system designed to achieve clean water. Domestic Sediment filters and carbon filters can work alone or in combination to remove the impurities that make your water taste poor and impact human health.

Sediment Filter:-

Domestic Sediment filters are designed to remove suspended solids, which are also known as sediment, or particulate. A sediment filter work like a net that catches unwanted dirt particles as your raw water flows through the system.

Carbon Filter:-

Carbon filters remove sediments as well as chlorine, volatile organic compounds, odors, and unpleasant tastes from water. Carbon filters contain activated carbon to filter water.

Ro membrane-

Pearl Water High TDS membrane removes TDS by forcing the water, under pressure, through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane contains very small pores which will allow only molecules smaller than 0.0005 microns to pass through. Clearwater squeezes through the reverse osmosis membrane leaving the heavy metals and dissolving salts behind as the molecules of dissolved metals and salts are large in size compared to the water molecules.

Benefits of RO filter combo:-

Features of Ro filter kit:-

Protect your Water - Remove up to 99% of Heavy Metals, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Bacteria, Chlorine, Viruses, Cyanide, and more


Filter up to 0.0005 microns, Removes up to 98% of contaminants in water (Minimum TDS Rejection 96%)

Lower consumption of chemical and longer life

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