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Pack of 3 RO Water Filter Candle 9 Inch
Domestic Ro Spare

Pack of 3 RO Water Filter Candle 9 Inch


Specifications :-

Size:- 9 INCH

Diameter – 2 inch

Micron Rating – 5 Micron

Material - Polypropylene

Brand - Pearl Water

Easy To Install, Do Self Installation

Capacity - 2500 LTR Includes - Water Filter and Cartridges

Country Of Origin - INDIA Net Quantity - 1


*Inclusive of All Taxes
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10 days Replacement
1 Year Warranty



• Dimensions (L x B x H): 6 cm x 6 cm x 23.5 cm

• Multilayered, Impregnated Carbon, Depth Filter, Can be back flushed,

• Suitable for Pre-filter Housing Bottle 10 Inch

• Polypropylene yarn wound candle, Replace in Every 3-6 Months.

• Made of MLT Carbon Cloth Filter

• The filters reduce sediment, dirt, particulates, sand, and silt.

• RO pre-filter is used in the first stage of purification and it pre-filters the raw tap water before being purified by your RO water purifier.

• Increases Life of Expensive Ro & Inline Filters if Changed Regularly.

• Each cartridge is individually shrink-wrapped. These pre filters are suitable for a standard Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Unit or any type of Water Filtration Unit with 10 housing.

• Easy to Install and Replace and Can Be Installed by Yourself With Little Knowlegde

• About the Product, No Need for Expensive Expert Technician.

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We all need to drink clean water to stay healthy, and one of the cheapest ways to clean water is the Pearl Water Technology’s Filter. But it needs constantly cleaning the Ceramic Filter to maintain the quality of cleaning.



  • It is the cheapest way to filter dirty water.
  • We are having several offer with this product.
  • No Expertise required
  • Easy to clean and reusable



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