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Pearl Water 10 inch Activated Carbon Filter Classic
Domestic Ro Spare

Pearl Water 10 inch Activated Carbon Filter Classic


Specifications :-

Size:- 10 inch(25 cm)

Diameter – 2 inch

Micron Rating – 5 Micron

Material - Carbon Granules

Brand - Pearl Water Easy To Install, Do Self Installation

Capacity - 2500 GAL

Includes - Water Filter and Cartridges

Country Of Origin - INDIA

Net Quantity - 1


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1 Year Warranty


• Carbon Filter is usually made from coconut shell, fruit shell and coal by special process. Its appearance is black amorphous particles with pore structure and good adsorption performance.

• It can also effectively remove the organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in the water, and has the effect of decolourization and deodorization.

• Carbon filter can deeply absorb the color, peculiar smell and filter out the fine impurities. It is used in the third stage of water filter and also plays the role of protecting RO membrane.

• Original Quality Product,

• Removes Objectionable Taste And Order From Feed Water.

• Made With Coconut Granular Activated Carbon. • Pre-carbon Filter Which can Remove chlorine, organic, compounds, color, odor and floating particles.

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There are a lot of impurities contained in water. So to remove those impurities Carbon filter is used. Common examples include large municipal granular activated carbon (GAC) systems, “charcoal” aquarium filters, and domestic use or countertop water filters, sometimes called point-of-use or domestic drinking water filters.

Carbon filters use a process where the pollutants adhere to the carbon particles as the water or air passes through it. Carbon filters are useful for purifying water and purifying the air of contaminants, but they are also exceptionally useful in removing offending odors from and around indoor gardens.


  • Reduce Water Consumption

  • Engineered for commercial & Industrial Uses.


Common uses

  • Filter the gasses

  • Used to combat volatile organic compounds (VOCs)



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