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Why Do FRP Vessels Are So In Demand


Why Do FRP Vessels Are So In Demand

The increasing demand for FRP vessels over metallic vessels is in trending nowadays. These vessels are made of fiber-reinforced plastic largely used in industries, such as water, oil, chemical, and gas, for the storage of water, oil, chemicals, and gas. The industries prefer to use these FRP vessels due to their lightweight, low-cost, corrosion-resistant ability relative to steel vessels. These FRP tanks are also used in the automobile & transportation industry as fuel storage vessels.

The FRP tanks market is categorized into glass, carbon, and others, based on the type of fiber. But the glass category holds the biggest share in the market, due to less-expensive raw material, as compared to other types of fiber.

FRP tanks are cheaper, durable, and lightweight. They are used in various applications in automotive & transportation, oil, gas, water, and wastewater, chemicals, industrial, and others. FRP vessels can be majorly classified into fiber types, depending on the raw material used during manufacturing. However, the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on all industries has affected the sales of the FRP vessels market adversely.

The FRP tanks are usually made of composites including polyester, and polypropylene.

Due to its superior physical and mechanical properties such as strength, flexibility, durability, stability, lightweight, and resistance to heat, temperature, and moisture, FRP vessels are used in construction, pipe & vessels, marine, and transportation industries. Carbon fiber-reinforced FRP tanks are high-cost materials that are used in high-end applications such as aerospace and sporting goods as they are stronger and lightweight.

Water & wastewater is the biggest application in the FRP vessels market. Wastewater contains urine, and other solid waste in different concentrations having different densities, particle sizes. These particles damage the tanks from inside. Traditional tanks that are made of steel corrode quickly and break. Due to this Metal tanks in the sewage system are now being replaced by FRP vessels.

Major Advantages of choosing FRP Vessels-

Corrosion Resistance

The prime reason for using fiber-glass-reinforced plastics (FRP) is their inherent corrosion resistance ability. In many cases, there is only materials that will handle a given environment. Moreover, their corrosion resistance is combined with the economy to make them the most economical acceptable solution.

Weight Advantages

Another very important advantage of FRP is its low weight-to-strength ratio. For the same strength, FRP material will weigh approximately one-seventh times lighter than steel and half as compared with aluminum.

Lightweight properties are very important when considering the transportation cost and ease of installation, especially for pipes and tanks.


Another major advantage of FRP is its low cost. FRP vessels offer both a satisfactory solution to corrosion problems as well as the lowest cost. These costs of FRP tank is depended upon the application, pressure, design, raw material cost, and availability.


Too many people trust the quality of FRP. It is best for many applications because you can do things with FRP that cannot be done economically with other materials. You can mold it into almost any configuration, or piece of equipment. It is easy to adjust FRP into any shape.

FRP vessels are in demand due to many other reasons. If you want to buy FRP vessels online of any size visit the E-Commerce website or contact us at +91-9582215137.

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