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When you should change the filters of your RO Purifier?


When you should change the filters of your RO Purifier?

As we all know that we need pure water for drinking purposes that’s why we are using RO purifiers in our homes. But to maintain the quality and accuracy of the RO system we need to change the filters in a timely to increase the total service life of a RO.

Filters accumulate debris when being used which results in clogging that can make the filters ineffective or totally useless. Some types of filters like carbon-based filters eventually lose their adsorptive properties as time goes on. Therefore the filters should be replaced depending on the usage and service life. RO filters should be replaced ideally every 6 to 12 months. It is to ensure optimal effectiveness of the whole RO system. RO Filter Kits are an excellent choice for replacing filters as they consist of multiple pre-filters and post-filters.

What is a RO Filter Kit?

RO Filter kits are service and maintenance kits having tools required at the time of service of reverse osmosis purifiers and RO Plant. RO Filter Kits are sometimes used as the replacement of the original parts. These Water Filter kits help in maintaining the service life of a RO and also are cost-effective.

What does a RO Water filter kit include?

There are three main filters in RO Filter Kit which are sediment filter, carbon filter, and cartridge filter. All these filters have different working and are important at different stages of the RO cycle for proper filtration of the contaminated water.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filters play an important role in the process of water purification as they remove all the unwanted chemicals and organic compounds like chlorine, and pesticides that are present in water. They also remove the smell and odor from water, while improving its taste. Carbon filters can be used in both pre-RO and post-RO purification stages.

Sediment filters

Sediment filters are crucial as they capture and remove sand, silt, dirt, and rust from feed water. By removing these particulates from water, the sediment filter is able to protect a water treatment system (such as a water softener), as well as water-using appliances. A Sediment Filter is used as a pre-filter to protect the RO membrane from getting damaged.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filters are made with a very supreme synthetic Micro-Fibre which is polypropylene. It is made through the melt-blown process of thermally bonded microfibers. It is a Pre-Filter that protects the RO Membrane. This Water Filter Cartridge is encased within the housing and the filtration occurs through the mechanism of straining.

Other components of the RO Filter Kit are -  

RO Membrane

RO Membrane also called the “Heart of Ro Plant” is the most essential part of the Ro plant. RO membrane serves the purpose of removing contaminants, microorganisms, solids, heavy metals, bacteria, soluble salt, and viruses from water.

RO Membrane Housing

RO Membrane Housing is a vessel used for loading membrane elements into a reverse osmosis water treatment system. There are different types of membrane housings used for water treatment such as FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), stainless steel, and, PVC.

How RO filters are helpful to RO Membranes?

RO uses a polymer membrane that filters out dissolved chemicals and salts that a regular filter cannot remove, to the molecular level. Since sediment particles damage the membrane, Pre-Filters such as sediment filters are used for the filtration of these particles. In a Water Filter, the water flows through a filter while the particles get collected in the filter or on its surface, eventually plugging the filter, needing it to be cleaned for reuse. In RO, the feed water flows across the surface of the membrane and the contaminants get filtered through the process of reverse osmosis. The membrane is cleaned through backwashing for its further reuse.

Benefits of RO Water Filter Kit

  • RO filter Kits are easily available.
  • Water Filter Kits are available in different types depending on the TDS.
  • RO Filter price is available in various ranges.
  • RO Filter Kits are cost-effective.
  • RO Filter Kit helps in improving the service life of the RO.


The RO Filter kit has many filters and is very important as not only do they repair minor issues but also increase the total service life of a RO.

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