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Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) could be a pump manufacturing company involved in engineering and manufacture of systems for fluid management. Established in 1888 and incorporated in 1920, KBL is that the flagship company of the $2.5 billion Kirloskar Group. The market leader in fluid management, KBL provides fluid management solutions for big infrastructure projects within the areas of installation, power plants, irrigation, oil & gas and marine & defense. Kirloskar chhotu pump is one in every of the variants of pump under the brand referred to as Kirloskar Brothers Limited. Kirloskar chhotu is accessible in Kirloskar 0.5 HP and 1.0hp pump and kirloskar chhotu pump It's a highly effective pump with a light-weight and simple to handle.


Kirloskar Chholu Pump the overnight Star!


Because of it is a highly effective pump with a light-weight and straightforward to handle.


A pump is an important tool to pump out water from the garden, pool, or under the bottom. It controls the speed of the water and is incredibly useful in conserving water. The pumps include various designs and capacities to cater to different needs of water pumping.


Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. Introduced the Chhotu Pump (Domestic Monoblock Water Pump) that's a self-priming pump with a forged iron motor body and brass impeller. The motor body od this pump is formed of high-grade material to confirm superior durability, corrosion resistance and long service life. Such submersible pump incorporates a forged iron head with a 6-26 mtrs head diameter to supply high flow. The pump is used for irrigation by supplying water at different flow rates up to 34 litres per Minute (LPMs).


Kirloskar chhotu pump 0.5hp Domestic Monoblock pump offers easy and low cost solutions to most low-pressre, high-capacity pumping applications, the peak of the pinnacle of the pump is increased or decreased from 6 to 26 meters.


Kirloskar 1HP Chhotu pump offers easy and low cost solutions to most low pressure, high-capacity pumping applications. the peak of the top of the pump may be increased or decreased


Kirloskar is thought for creating powerful, sturdy, and sturdy water pumps and also the Kirloskar Chhotu is smiler. This self-priming pump comes with a well designed design and some nice features. If you're searching for 0.5 HP and 1HP pump this might be one in all the most effective options, you'll find within the market.




  • The product includes a warranty period of 12 months.


  • The weight of the merchandise is 5 kgs.


  • The dimensions of the merchandise are 25(L)x15x(B)x25x(H) cm.


Where can we use these pumps?


  • water system to overhead tanks in bungalows.


  • Domestics water.


  • Laws sprinklers.


  • Gardens/Fountains.


  • Home pressure boosting.


Advantage of Kirloskar Pump


  • Easy to handle


  • Lightweight


  • Copper winding


  • Self-priming


  • Can handle voltage fluctuation.


  • Works with wide input voltage (180-240V)


  • The pump has the capacity to figure with wide input voltage range,


  • thereby enhancing performance while reducing damage to


  • electrical parts.


  • Self-priming up to 7.5 metres


The pump features self-priming technology (sucks water automatically), doing away with the inconvenience of filling water to begin the pump.

Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) motor

The pump includes a cooling fan enclosed within the motor to shield it from over heating and damaging electrical parts.

Compatible with UPS back-up

One of the foremost attractive features of Chhotu is its compatibility with domestic power back-ups - so you'll use it even within the absence of utility power.


Class "B" insulation


All electrical parts are shielded with Class "B" insulation, thereby

protecting electrical components and its insulation from damage

 because of extreme temperatures with the utilization of super enameled

copper winding wire within the motor.

 High-grade materials for a sturdy construction

Cast iron casing, aluminium motor body, EN8 steel shaft, high tensile brass impeller and super enameled copper wire winding together present a sturdy construction for prime performance and sturdiness.


Top Kirloskar Models which are mostly preferred by Indian consumers –

  1. Kirloskar Jalraaj and Jalraj Ultra series – As the name suggests this pump is the king of water. With a cooling fan enclosed within the motor to protect it from over-heating and damaging electrical parts. Constructed with special alloy which makes it light weight and easy to carry. Kirloskar Jalraj Ultra 1HP is capable of a 42-meter head and can work in a wide input voltage range.
  2. Kirloskar Aqua water pump - These water pumps come in 0.5HP Water motor, 1 HP Aqua Water pump and Aqua 150 water pump 1.5 HP. A very heavy-duty water motor which is widely used in buildings for lifting the water to overhead tanks as they provide optimum water flow as per the requirements.
  3. Kirloskar V FlowVery Compact in Size and these water Pumps are highly efficient in lifting the water in optimum amount of energy consumption. The variant comes in Kirloskar v flow 0.5 HP and 1 HP. V flow water pump prices are also very reliable and they are a perfect choice for homes and farming.
  4. Kirloskar Chotu water pump - Don’t get confused by its name. This series of Kirloskar Water Pump will not disappoint you. Its robust construction with all high-grade material such as Steel Shaft, Brass Impeller, and Super Enamelled Copper Winding which makes it the best water pump in the Market. Kirloskar Chotu water pump prices are affordable and comes in Chotu 0.5 HP and 1 Hp water pump. This pump can work under wide input voltage fluctuations. (180 V to 220 V). Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) Motor - The Pump includes a Cooling Fan Enclosed within the Motor to Protect it From Over-Heating while working which Damaging Electrical Parts.
  5. Kirloskar Pressure Boosting System - df pumps effectively increase the low pressure in a water system to achieve the required water flow and pressure with installed pressure meter and This pump is suitable for lifting water to greater heights with high pressure. Easily serviceable even in remote areas. This pump is made with high end alloys which make it noncorrosive and rustproof. This series has Kirloskar CPBS 52424 V 0.6 HP, Kirloskar CPBS 73624 V 1 HP, and Kirloskar CPBS 84424 V 1.5 HP variants.

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