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What Is RO Purifier, Importance And Working Of Domestic Ro Spare Parts


What Is RO Purifier, Importance And Working Of Domestic Ro Spare Parts

The full form of RO is Reverse Osmosis. It means that this water purifier works on Reverse Osmosis technology. 

Reverse Osmosis is a technology that continually purifies raw water. Harmful chemicals, germs, and heavy metals pollute natural water resources. Regular consumption of this polluted water can make you fall ill.

To treat contaminated water, a reverse osmosis plant is required to make your water fit for drinking.

Domestic RO Plant uses water to create pressure and pushes the water through the membrane. The membrane separates impurities from the raw water.

Ro Plant purifies water in various stages:-

1. Sediment Filter

2. Pre-Carbon Filter

3. RO Membrane

4. Post Carbon Filter

RO Plant reverses the principle of osmosis. The booster pump is needed to create the desired pressure. The raw water that passes through the RO membrane gets filtered. 

The reverse osmosis system has two outlets, one for the permeate water and the other for wastewater. RO plant reduces the need of purchasing bottled water and reduces the consumption of plastic. 

All Domestic RO Spare Parts have individual importance. Here is a quick overview of the functions of each RO component.

1. Sediment Filter:- Sediment filters work like a strainer to separate large-sized dissolved solids from water. These Particles can clog the pores of the membrane. That is why it is installed before the membrane. The sediment filter is made of polypropylene having food-grade plastic surrounding the filter medium. It has a total filtration capacity of 8000 L

2. Pre–Carbon Filter:- This pre-carbon filter removes chlorine, odor, taste, and bacteria from water. It is also helpful in reducing lead in water. It is made of solid carbon granules. These granules are usually extracted from Coconut shells.

3. RO Membrane:- RO membrane is the most important part of the RO plant. It reduces the total TDS in water by 95%. This membrane has a pore size of 0.0005 microns. Domestic RO is usually made of TFC (Thin Film Composite). 

4. Post-Carbon Filter:- This post-carbon filter is installed in the last stage of the RO plant. It removes any impurities left and polishes the water to make it look crystal clear. It also enhances the flavor of drinking water.


What is the full form of the RO Plant?

The full form of RO Plant is Reverse Osmosis Plant.

Is Reverse osmosis water hard or soft?

RO plant removes all minerals that are responsible for the hardness in the water. Hence, the RO water is soft.

Is RO purified water good for hair?

As RO purified water doesn’t contain any hazardous chemicals, it is good for human hair.

Is RO purified water acidic or alkaline?

The Ph of reverse osmosis water is normally 7. But after exposure to atmospheric air, its pH value drops from 7. It means under normal conditions the reverse osmosis water is slightly acidic in nature.  

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