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What is Cartridge Filter in RO Plant?


What is Cartridge Filter in RO Plant?

A cartridge filter is a tiny piece of tubular filtration machinery used to stop large-sized particles from getting into the RO System. In the filter housing, it is enclosed. Water that needs to be filtered is immediately exposed to the cartridge filter. Inside the housing, water trickles through the filter.

They are also known as Spun Filter.

made from polypropylene, a very superior synthetic microfiber. Sand, silt, rust, and other large and tiny particles can all be eliminated by this filter from the water. It is created using a melt-blown technique and microfibers that are thermally attached.

The cartridge filter serves as a Pre-Filter that guards the other RO filters by preventing them from becoming clogged by both large and small particles. maintains the clarity of your water and is essential to the water filtration process.

What are the three types of water filters? (Cartridge filter, String Wound, Slim Filter)

There are mainly three types of water filter cartridges that are highly used in domestic water RO Plants -

  1. Cartridge Filter These Cartridge Filters come with an ideal size that can easily fit in a Filter Housing and works very efficiently in clearing out all the major particles which are of big sizes such as pieces of dirt and dust and several particles which can come from water pipes such as rust, plastic minutes, etc.

The Life of Cartridge filters depends on:

  • Micron Rating of Filter
  • Efficiency at that micron rating
  • It's the surface area
  • Percentage of solids in the solution you're filtering
  • The size of those solids in the water.

  1. String Bound Cartridge Filters A depth cartridge filter known as a string woven filter is constructed by winding yarn around a core. Proper intensity filtration, exceptional filth-keeping capacity, and exceptionally low media departure are all features of the String wound filter cartridge. They are prepared in a wide range of measures and porosities, and are a chosen, one-piece cartridge, constructed employing a high speed, constant wind technique. The availability of filters in practically endless media and core material combinations, to control almost any chemical environment or temperature, is particularly noteworthy.

  1. Slim Cartridge Filter -  60 mm 20 inches Cartridge filters are made up of material like polypropylene or wound strands and are widely used in Industrial as well as domestic RO systems to remove small suspended particles or sometimes chemicals from the water. They are Slim in size but don’t get confused with their slim size as they are bounded so perfectly that no foreign particle can pass through them without getting caught. They are processed with melt brown with the efficient material is Polypropylene. They are so powerful that they can filter up to 5 microns and can easily withstand the pressure of 3 kg by providing 90% retention.

Benefits and Features of Water Cartridge Filters: -

  • Accelerated flow rates and pressure drops
  • Many chemical compatibilities
  • The cartridge filter's entire depth is used to filter out particles.
  • The graded structure has a supported core for overall strength and maximum dirt-holding capability.
  • Media migration is stopped by the thermal bonding process.


Applications of Cartridge Water Filters: -

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • RO treatment of water
  • Color & Dyes Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Water Treatment Industry
  • Textile industry
  • Edible oils
  • Electronics
  • Cosmetics
  • Paint Industry
  • Amines, glycols, produced water, brine fluids


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