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What Is A Carbon Filter And Why It Is Important In Water Purification


What Is A Carbon Filter And Why It Is Important In Water Purification

An RO Plant comes with different sets of water filters with each having a different role in the purification process. RO Carbon filter will not remove impurities but also work as a taste enhancer.

Domestic Carbon filters play an important role in the process of water purification as they remove all the unwanted chemicals, impurities, and organic compounds like chlorine, pesticides that may be present in the water.

It is also effective in removing the bad odor from water while improving the taste of drinking water. As water passes through a domestic carbon filter, the activated carbon particles absorb all the impurities along with the odor and bad taste.

Domestic Carbon filters are used both in the pre-RO and post-RO water purification stages. Let’s understand the importance of each carbon filter:-

Pre-RO Carbon Filter

Pre-RO Carbon filters remove all the impurities as much as possible before the water enters into the reverse osmosis membrane. This is because the carbon filter has the advantage of a higher surface area where all the sediments and impurities get attracted to the carbon particles on the surface.

This Carbon filter also improves the life of the reverse osmosis membrane by protecting it from chemicals like chlorine which is known to damage the RO membrane pores. The long life of RO filters means a low maintenance cost.

As raw water passes through the pre-carbon filter, it still contains some impurities like total dissolved solids, heavy metals, bacteria that need to be purified again. For this purpose, more filtration stages of water purification like RO and UV are added to ensure that final filtered water is completely pure and safe for human consumption.

Post-RO Carbon Filter

After the water is filtered by RO Membrane and UV purification stages, another layer of carbon filtration is added, known as Post-RO Carbon filter. The post Carbon filter is usually used in the last stage of water purification. This carbon filter purification stage enhances the quality of the water. It also acts as a polisher and improves the taste of purified water.

Pearl Water activated carbon blocks are made of a high-quality coconut shell which is manufactured by the latest technology to provide maximum surface area for absorption of impurities. Pearl Water carbon block removes chlorine, lead, and other contaminants efficiently.


  • Are RO carbon filters safe?

RO Carbon filters remove organic compounds like chlorine and other impurities from the water making it ideal for consumption. However, you need to replace carbon filters regularly to consume safe drinking water.

  • What is the function of pre-carbon filter and post-carbon filter?

Pre-carbon filters in Domestic RO plants remove sediments, organic compounds, and chlorine from the water. A Post-carbon filter eliminates the bad smell and bad taste in the water.

  • What does a carbon filter do?

Pearl Water Carbon filters use activated carbon to filter the water. It eliminates chemicals, pesticides, and organic compounds like chlorine, sediments, taste, and odor from the water.

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