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What Are Ro Spare Parts, Benefits Of Ro Spares And Uses


What Are Ro Spare Parts, Benefits Of Ro Spares And Uses

What are Ro spare parts?

Ro spare parts are extra parts that are used to replace damaged parts of the Ro water plant. Ro plant spare parts are cost-effective and increase the total service life of a Ro plant. Ro spare parts include pre-filters, filter housings, pumps, tubes, membranes, gauges, and more. Ro spare parts are very important as they can repair the minor issues in your Ro plant so that you don’t have to replace your whole Ro water plant.

Ro spare parts are come in a diverse variety and vary as per different Ro plant models. The product demand for Ro spare parts is very high as Ro water plants are used at scale in homes, schools, colleges, offices, and industries.

Pearl Water is the leading manufacturer, and supplier of Ro spares all over Delhi/NCR.

Benefits of RO Spare parts:-

  • Ro spare parts are easily available.
  • Genuine Ro spares are equally strong as the original parts. 
  • Ro parts are available in different sizes for different models.
  • Ro spares are available in various price ranges.
  • Pearl Water Ro spare parts are cost-effective.
  • Ro parts can save your time and money.
  • Ro spares improve the performance of the Ro plant.
  • Pearl Water Ro parts increase the life of the Ro plant.


 Use of Ro Spare Parts:-

1. Multigrade Filter:- It consists of multiple layers of filter media, uses pebbles, gravel, coarse sand, and fine sand mixed together in a fixed proportion. The multigrade filter is used to remove suspended solids, dirt, dust particles, and other visible large-sized particles.

2. Carbon Filter:- Carbon filter is used for both pre-treatment as well as post-treatment in a reverse osmosis system.

It is used for the removal of smell, color, taste, chlorine, and pesticides from water.

3. Ro Membrane:- Ro membrane is the most important part of the Ro plant and is also called as “Heart of Ro Plant”. It is used to remove contaminants, micro-organisms, solids, heavy metals, bacteria, soluble salt, and viruses from water.

4. High-Pressure Pump:- The function of the high-pressure pump is to increase the water pressure so that water can pass through the pores of the Ro membrane.

5. UV Lamp:- UV lamp uses UV radiation for treating bacteria and viruses. 

It penetrates the micro-organism cell to destroy the DNA of the molecule. After that, the water is completely disinfected from pathogens.

6. Solenoid Valve:- Solenoid valve creates a magnetic field with the electric current and creates linear motion.

Depending on its normal position, the solenoid valve will switch position, when an electric current is applied or removed from the system.

7. Pressure Gauge:- Pressure gauges are used for measuring the condition of a fluid that is the force exerted by the fluid per unit area. It is mounted directly on any water line.

8. Dosing Pump:- It is a positive displacement pump designed to transport a very precise flow rate of an antiscalant chemical. It is used for automating fluid flow in applications including pharmaceutical and water treatment.

Why choose Pearl Water Ro spare parts:-

Our RO Parts are made of top-quality raw material that offers low maintenance costs and high output. We always deliver, what we promise. At Pearl Water, we bring you the assurance that our all products are 100% authentic and reliable.


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