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What are RO Filters and how do they work?


What are RO Filters and how do they work?

Water contamination is a big problem in India. This contamination affects everyone's home drinking water too. Hence RO Filters are a popular choice for home water purification because they are effective in removing a wide range of contaminants from drinking water. RO filter is also used to produce clean water for making medicine for combining clean water with medical liquids. Without a reverse osmosis water filter, water that is used for daily usage would be harmful to our health and to the environment.

What is Reverse Osmosis Filtration?

Reverse Osmosis is one of the most effective techniques of water filtration. Unlike other filtration systems which use certain materials to target the contaminants in the water, a RO filter works by pushing water through a microscopically small filter material.
The semi-permeable membrane filter has a pore size of around 0.0001 microns which works effectively. It only allows the small water molecules through and catches any larger molecules of contaminants, or organic materials. 

How Does Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Work?

Reverse Osmosis, as the name suggests is the opposite of the osmosis process. It involves adding higher pressure to move the water molecules out of the contaminated water and into the pure water. Because of the microscopic pores of a semi-permeable membrane, RO Filters can not only remove visual contaminants like sediment and larger organic material, but they can also even remove dissolved substances from within the water. Unlike others, the RO filter does not require thermal energy but instead uses an incredibly high amount of pressure. 

Types of RO Filters offered by Pearl Water

Carbon Filter

Carbon filters remove all the unwanted chemicals and organic compounds like chlorine, and pesticides that are present in water. They can be used in both pre-RO and post-RO purification stages.

Sediment filters

Sediment filters are captures and remove rust, silt, sand, and dirt from feed water. A sediment filter when used as a pre-filter protects the RO membrane from getting damaged.

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filters are made from polypropylene through the melt-blown process. It is a Pre-Filter that protects the RO Membrane. It is encased within the housing. The filtration occurs through the mechanism of straining. 

RO Membrane

RO Membrane is the most essential part of the RO plant hence is also called the “Heart of the RO Plant”. Contaminants, microorganisms, solids, heavy metals, bacteria, soluble salt, and viruses in water all are removed with the help of a membrane.

Benefits of RO Filters

Some of the benefits of a reverse osmosis water filter include -

It Filters Nearly All Contaminants

Unlike other forms of water filtration, RO Filters are considered to be one of the most effective ways of eliminating water contaminants. The microscopic nature of a RO filter membrane can filter out not only the larger contaminants most water filtration systems catch, but can actually remove dissolved substances and minerals from the water. 

Better for the environment than bottled water

In comparison to the option of disposable plastic water bottles, the RO filter is a safer and more environmentally friendly option since there will be no piling of plastic water bottles up in landfills.

Better-Tasting Water and Food

An RO filter removes 95-99 percent of total dissolved solids (TDS) in drinking water, as well as improves the odor, appearance, and overall taste of water, therefore many restaurants use RO filter water for cooking. 

Health Benefits of RO Filters

RO Water filter has proven to be unrivaled when it comes to removing impurities such as bacteria and protects against viruses and other parasites present within the water in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


The RO Filters are available in different varieties. Not only they are a popular choice for home water purification but are also useful in other applications. 
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