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Top 5 Water Softeners For Your Home


Top 5 Water Softeners For Your Home

Water softener for home has been the most underrated equipment when it comes to water quality and quantity. We all have been watching the scaling of minerals over several water related equipment such as our taps, showerheads, water tanks etc but never thought of researching that what it could be? Is it really defaming the quality of my water taps? Could it be harming my skin or my hairs? There are N number of question which could have been arose in our sloppy head. The culprit behind al this is Hard Water.


Research shows now a days more than 85% of ground water supply has concentrated level of minerals and salts which make it very much hard in comparison to the ground water that we used to consume in the past years.

The Hard water not only damages the water faucets, but it leaves a tragic impact on our skin and hairs. It can even lead to hair loss. Taking up the moisture from the skin making it dry and opening the pores of the skin which eventually leads to the dust and dirt built up on the skin.


There are two main elements which are responsible for converting the hard water into soft water.

This is Resin which is present in Resin Tank when hard water pass through this resin it bonds with that ions of calcium, magnesium and several other hard water elements and traps it with them and they are flushed out at the time of backwashing.


This is Salt which is present in Brine tank of Water Softener. the salt is responsible to recharge the Resin when resin has lose the charge. this needs to be refilled after a specific amount of days of working. Salt is available in the market at the decent pricing. The recharging time depends upon the quantity of water softed and the hardness of water.


Here are the Top 5 Water Softener for home which are necessary in a household for softening the water for all the necessary uses such as morning ablutions, cooking, laundry and so on.



1. 1000 LPH Fully-Automatic Water softener for Inlet Hardness up to 500 PPM –

This Water Softener for house is highly preferred by most the houses and apartments because of its capacity of converting 1000 litres per hour which can easily meet the daily requirements of all the water related work that can be from washing a car to washing a vegetable. This is a Fully Automatic Water Softener just similar to Plug and Play. The water supply coming from the government supply tend to have a hardness which could be up to 500 ppm (Parts Per Millions). This water softener fully meets the needs of a house or an apartment. This equipment comes with two tanks I.e., Resin tank which consist of Water softening resin and the other one is Brine tank which has the inlet and outlet for water flow and the main process occurs in this only.

 Highly reliable with attached digital meter to let you track all the details.


2. 500 LPH Fully-Automatic Water softener for Inlet Hardness up to 500 PPM –

A highly reliable device for your house. This water softener has a genuine capacity of softening the water of 500 litres per hour which is more than enough to meet your daily needs. Easily Converts hardness up to 500 ppm (Parts per millions). Very easy to install and maintain as it comes with a highly durable FRP Tank which can last for very many years. Digital Meter equipped so that you can easily track all your data.


3. 1000 LPH Fully Automatic Water softener for Inlet Hardness upto 1500 PPM -

Powerful Water Softener which very easily softens the water with a hardness upto 1500 ppm which is really very high. This water softener is mostly preferred by the industries such as pharmaceutical industry, Food Processing unit, Hospitals and Buildings and what not. This Fully Automatic Water Softener is so powerful that it eliminates all the kind of hardness from the water, removes all kinds of ions which are responsible for the hardness of water such as magnesium and calcium. The operation grade of this fully automatic water softener is highly flexible. The FRP tank is uniquely made by the non-corrosive and Anti-Rust material for longevity and durability.


4. 200 LPH Semi-Automatic Domestic Water Softener Inlet Hardness 500 PPM-

A very compact model of water softener which is very much preferred by most of the families for domestic purposes due to its reliable capacity of 200 LPH. A very usual household of family members ranging from 5-15 can have a very good choice to meet their daily needs such as bathing, washing, cooking and what not. So as per the assumption most of the water is consumed in the morning only rather than the rest of the day. A normal person uses around 50-75 litres of water every morning. This heavy-duty compact water softener can work for hours providing the optimum amount of softened water with constant flow. Easily softens the hard water up to 500 ppm (Parts Per Million).

Requires very low maintenance. As this is a Semi-automatic so what you will need to do is to manually add the salt and recharge it by rotating the valve. One can go for the fully automatic which requires no manual recharge with the same capacity of 200 LPH.


5. 250 LPH Washing Machine Water Softener for Inlet Hardness 400 PPM-

Uniquely designed for Washing machine to protect your clothes and washing Machine by increasing their shelf life. The best part of this water softener is that it does not require any electrical connection or pressurized water for operating. Prevents the scaling of minerals and ions on your clothes and washing machine. Clothes will regain their life and the linen and thread quality will start to replenish. The size is so compact that you can hold it with one hand. Fits all the types of washing machines no matter fully automatic or semiautomatic. While using this water softener you will get to know that you started need to lower the amount of Detergent powder for your laundry. As soft water requires very less detergent compared to hard water. Does not require any regeneration.

Very easy to install and operate.


Pearl Water Technologies is a leading and premium manufacturer of water softener say it of any kind. Reach us out tell your requirements such as Capacity (LPH), Hardness, manual or automatic, purpose or application areas and we will manufacture unique Water Softener with our great minded engineers who have been designing for more than 15 years. Purely Made in India. Warranty will be provided with pre and post service availability.

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