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Cartridge Filters are widely used around the world for water filtration. They are used as a Pre-Filter in most of the domestic RO water purification systems which are commonly found in homes, offices, apartments, etc. One does not need an engineer’s mind to understand what is a cartridge filter? and how does it work? Basically, in a quite simple way it is a tubular (tube shaped) equipment which are encased within a case or housing with two openings which are known as Inlet and Outlet. These opening are therefore connected which pipes with water supply. From the inlet water goes into the housing and from the outlet the filtered water comes out. Cartridge Filters are coming in different diameters and lengths as per the requirements and are constructed with several ways such as woven, nonwoven and membrane types. As they can experience an exceedingly high pressure of water, so they are mostly installed within the housing with guide rods. The sealing of the housing with respect to the Water Filtration cartridge should be exact with no leakage for better purification. The seal can be single O-rings, double O-rings, tie rods, etc.

Accordingly, the housing is made as per the size and the types of cartridge filters so that it fits and seals perfectly to provide utmost water purification and optimal flow.

What is a work of a Cartridge Filter?

The Water Filter Cartridges are mainly used to remove unwanted particles such as dust, dirt, sediments, pollutants, and distinct types of chemicals from the water or liquids. It also removes various particulates with several micron sizes.


What are the two types of Cartridge Filters?

The two main types of Cartridge Filters are –

  1. Surface Filters - These types of spun filter Cartridges Filters usually restrict the unwanted pollutants or particles outside the filter media. When the contaminated water passes through the filter, only pure water will be able to pass through the media and all the solids and the contaminants will stick outside the filters. The filtration varies as per the size of the pores of the medium and over the time the particles can form a layer by sticking over the surface at that time the filter needs to be cleaned and then it can be reused.


  1. Depth Filters -   These types of Filters are totally opposite to the surface filters as they trap the contaminants within the medium. The water passes through the media and gets trapped inside the media. Technically Depth filters have more shelf life, and they can be easily cleaned by reversing the water flow.




Top 5 Cartridge Filter based on water purification are as follows –


                           String Wound Cartridge Filter (2.5*20 inch)

String Wound Filter is a kind of depth cartridge filter which is usually made by spinning a yarn around the core. They have a remarkably high filtration capacity as compared to the other types of cartridge filters. They have a very optimum dirt holding capacity with low media departure. These string wound filter cartridges require exceptionally minimal maintenance and can be cleaned easily by reversing the flow. The pore size and the capacity signify that how much size of contaminants can it remove. So basically a 10-micron String Wound Filter can remove or clean out impurity as tiny as 10 microns.


Benefits of Sting wound Cartridge Filter

  1. Resist high pressure
  2. High filtration performance
  3. High dirt holding capacity
  4. Wide micron retention
  5. Longer shelf life


 Application areas of String Wound Cartridge Filter

  • Electronic industry - Pre-Filtration for ultra-pure water.
  • Food and beverage industry – Filtration of mineral water wines and fruit juices, etc.
  • Medicine industry- Filtration of drug liquid and gases.
  • Petroleum industry - Filtration for oil & greasy field flooding.


                           JUMBO CARTRIDGE FILTER (4.5*20 inch)


As the name suggests it is bigger in size, so the filtration capacity is remarkably high. The contaminated water passes through very many layers which ensure that the purification is done at a very optimum level. These cartridge Filters are usually made up to polypropylene which is a synthetic fibre with a process called melt brown which strictly binds the fibre around the core for maximum dirt holding capacity. These Jumbo Cartridge Filters can retain more than 90% of the sediments. The micron size of these filter is 5 it means that they can filter the tiniest particles up to 5 microns. The size of the Jumbo Cartridge filter is 4.5*20 inches.



Benefits of Jumbo Cartridge Filter

  • High pressure holding capacity
  • Removes around 90% of Sediments
  • Made up of Food grade material.
  • High Fibre strength
  • Can trap rust particles of iron which comes from pipeline



Application areas of Jumbo Cartridge Filter

  • RO Systems
  • U V Sterilizers
  • Desalination plants as well as other effluent and sewage treatment applications.
  • Also used in pool water filtration
  • Micro-breweries
  • Hotel and restaurant industry
  • Inks & paints Industry
  • Ideal for RO system above 500 LPH



                            Slim Cartridge Filter (2.5*20 inch)


These are ideal for Pre-Filtration for various water treatment plants such as sewage treatment plant and effluent Treatment plant and as well as for drinking water. The size of the Pre-Filter Cartridge is 2.5*20 inch which is very much ideal for RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plants having 100LPH to 500LPH Water flow. These are slim compared to jumbo, but the length is almost same. The operating pressure that slim can hold is up to 3 kg maximum. Made up of polypropylene a synthetic fibre with the melt brown process.


Benefits of Slim Cartridge Filter

  • It Has a high retention of sediments up to 90%
  • RO System, UV Sterilizers etc.
  • Efficiently removes suspended particles by using a gradient density depth construction.
  • Ideal for RO Plants having 100 LPH to 500 LPH Flow.
  • Compact in Size



Application areas of Slim Cartridge Filters

  • Health care
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Textile   
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Water Desalinization Purpose
  • Domestic as well as Industrial water treatment applications etc



                            Cartridge Filter 10 micron (2.5*20 inch)


A basic type of Pre filter cartridge which has a capacity of 10-micron filtration. The size of this Water Filter Cartridge  is 2.5*20 inch which is a universal size of most of the cartridge filters. Removes the contaminants and the pollutants which are of a size of 10 micron very easily and effectively. Comes in assorted sizes according to the requirements. Requires extremely minimal maintenance. Easily holds the dirt bits on the outer surface and release only the clean and pure water which is free from any sort of pollutants. Polluted water comes in the dust collector where it passes through Cartridge filters which traps the contaminants and gives out clean water.

Benefits of 10 Micron Cartridge Filter

  • There is no Backwashing. Unlike sand filters, cartridge filters don't require backwashing.
  • Cartridge filters are extra energy efficient.
  • High water Recovery
  • High dust and dirt removing capacity.


Application areas of 10 Micron Cartridge Filter

  • Municipal Water, Pre -RO filtration, Reclaimed Water.
  • In petrochemicals like Water Flooding, produced Water, Enhance oil recovery.
  • Electronics for pre-water filtration and processing water.
  • Food Industry




                            Cartridge Filter 10 inch (Domestic)


This is a domestic cartridge filter which is used in most of the water RO systems which can be found in homes, offices, apartments, etc. It is used as a Pre- Filter in the RO water system which also increases the life of other inline water filters such as Sediment filter, carbon filter and RO Membranes. Made up of Polypropylene this filter removes all the large and finer particles such as dirt, dust, rust and sit from the water which comes form the pipeline. Made up of micro fibre which are bonded by the melt brown process. The filter price is very reliable.


Benefits of Domestic Cartridge Filter 10 inch

  • It does not let the solids/contaminants enter through the medium.
  • Cartridge Filters are very affordable.
  • It has a high dirt holding capacity
  • Able to filter sand, scale, lime, rust, and fine particles.
  • Larger Surface Area
  • suitable for fine powders with low concentrations


Application areas of Domestic Cartridge Filter 10 inch

  • Drinking water
  • Boilers
  • Washing Machines
  • Pre-filtration in water treatment
  • Seawater desalination
  • Processing water
  • Chemical processes.


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