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Top 10 Reasons Why Kirloskar is the best brand for Water pumps?


Top 10 Reasons Why Kirloskar is the best brand for Water pumps?

In Today’s World, Research and Development has hiked tremendously. The Internet era has enabled our curiosity to think twice, thrice, and even a dozen of times before buying any product and services. We can easily hover through our web browsers and can see, watch, and compare between several types of products and services whether it is our daily need, or some other peculiar things.

Human mind is always stimulus towards these, and perception place a particularly important role in any purchase or decision. For many of us it became a habit to choose among the best despite the fact that it might cost you a little more or we shall have to wait for some upcoming glitter.

So similarly, today we are going to talk about a very usual product which we have been using in our daily lives. Every good morning begins with the good ablutions such as washing up, brushing up the teeth, bathing, and household activities like cooking, doing dishes and laundry etc for this we require a subtle flow of water. A Good water pump is responsible for a maintaining frequent water supply by maintaining the pressure and flow from one place to another even if it is ground water or government powered water supply. The working hours of this machine as per an ideal household can range from hours on daily basis. The categorization of these water pumps depends upon the flow rate and the height of the head of the pump. depending on the ground boring level, the ideal water pump is chosen to maintain a good water flow and optimal water pressure such as  Kirloskar water pump which are value for money. Best for home and industrial use are the  Kirloskar 0.5 HP and Kirloskar 1 HP water pump.

Generally, Water pump being a heavy-duty device it consumes quite a high amount of electricity, so it is very much to be sure to choose the best Water Pump for your household that consumes less electricity to get a relief from a long bill in the end of the month. Furthermore, our habits also place a significant role in saving electricity such as keeping an eye to switch off the water pump on time, turning it off when not in use, repairing the broken tap etc. These habits not only save electricity but also save water resources.

The series of Kirloskar Chotu, Aqua, Jalraj, Mega and V-Flow Water pumps which can be technically segregated between 1 HP Water Pump, 1.5 HP Water Pumps and Kirloskar 0.5 HP water pumps cover all the feature which an ideal water pump should have.  

Below are some factual questions which will sure help you to clear out the curiousness about water pump: -


1. What is the use of Water Pumps?

Water pumps are used in very many areas domestically from water boring to irrigation. Although the basic need of a water pump is for fetching water and for filling up the tanks.

According to your purpose let us see how you can need a water pump.

  1. Draining or filling up a swimming pool, pond, tub, etc.
  2. In construction areas of some house or property.
  3. Watering the plants in the lawn or garden, sprinkling etc.
  4. In agricultural irrigation.
  5. In agricultural spraying of pesticides and fertilizers in the fields.
  6. Fetching water to your water tank from ground boring.
  7. Maintaining the flow of the water and the pressure in the building.


2. Which type of pump is used in house?

There are numerous types of water pumps which are available as per the requirements.

As mentioned in the above question the requirement of the water pump can depend upon several reasons and usage. For the basic water pumping such as fetching water from ground, filling up the tanks the widely used pumps are mentioned below –

1. Centrifugal/Monoblock Water Pumps – These are the most basic types of water pumps which are usually preferred by every household as the size of these pumps are very compact and are of great efficiency. These water pump comes in a vast range from 0.25 HP to 2 HP, this range is mostly used on homes. These Pumps are called Monoblock because they the motor and the pump are in a same compartment which makes them very compact and single piece product. The electricity consumption of these pumps is conventionally lower compared to other pumps. One of the key features if these pumps are that they are easy to install. As they work through a centrifugal force from its electric motor there are usually two ends on the suction pipe and other on the impeller. These are installed on a dry surface area protected from the water drippings and rainfall.

2.Submersible Pumps – These pumps are used for ground water extraction and through deep wells and are installed underwater. These pumps are very efficient as they do not have to spend a lot of energy moving water to the pump. These are noticeably quiet as they are fully submerged in the water. It pushes the water to the surface by its rotating shafts which throws the water up with the kinetic energy by creating a specific amount of pressure from the diffuser and goes up to the surface. These pumps are bigger in size as compared to the Monoblock pumps. These size and the function of these pumps restricts their uses to a less than what is of Monoblock pumps. The installation of these pumps is quite cautious as they need to be fully submerged in the water.


3. What is the difference between 0.5 Hp and 1 Hp?

HP or Horsepower is scientifically a unit of measurement of power. You do not need an engineer’s mind to evaluate this. So generally, 1HP = 746 watts (equivalent). Similarly, 0.5HP =        373 watts.

In water pumps HP can be considered as the minimum amount of power required to move water. It is determined by the flow rate of water and the force required. We can say that 1HP water pump can ideally lift ranging from 15-50 meters and maximum flow can be calculated in litres per minutes i.e., 100-500 LPM.

This is the whole difference between 0.5HP and 1 HP. So, one must choose the water pump depending upon the requirements.


4. How do I choose a good water pump for my house?

As mentioned earlier choosing an ideal water pump for your house helps you to get a good water flow, optimum water pressure, flow rate and less electricity consumption.


Let us talk about some major points which needs to be kept in mind while purchasing a water pump-:


  1. Flow Rate – The Flow rate is the main thing of the water pump to provide the maximum output. See what your requirements are, the level of your inlet source of water and the level of the outlet depending upon the thickness of the pipes you have installed. As flow rate is measured in LPM (Litres per Minute). For household purpose the suitable flow rate is considered to be 100-200 LPM.
  2. Power- The power of the Pumps depends on the flow rate and the lifting range. Purchasing a water pump of a good power ensures optimum pressure and flow rate. So, ideally an 1HP water pump can ideally lift ranging from 15-50 meters and maximum flow can be calculated in litres per minutes i.e., 100-500 LPM.
  3. Size of the Inlet – Size of the inlet means the size of the piping which is placed in the water pump. Basically, this inlet size ranges between 1-6 inches in most pumps. But in some pumps, it can be more. We can say that if the size of the inlet will be more, the more amount of water it will pump out.
  4. Quality- quality assurance is must before purchasing a water pump. Body should be made up of material which do not get easily rusted such as Aluminium.
  5. Energy Efficient - As water pumps consumes large amount of electricity so choose the pumps which are energy efficient and give a relief from the bill in the end of the month.
  6. Noise efficient- always choose a water pump which causes less noise so that it can calm your surroundings while doing its work.
  7. Size- Water pumps come in assorted sizes so a good water pump should be of compact size so that it does not consume more space and can be fit easily.
  8. Easy Installation – Choosing the water pump which have motor and the pump in the same compartment such as Mono Block pumps.



And the last but not the least the best Brand for Water Pump is Kirloskar. The Kirloskar water pumps are so compact and so durable that they can be installed in small spaces. Kirloskar has been manufacturing water pumps from more than 120 years so quality is not an issue. These water pump also has a Thermal Overload Protector (TOP) which prevents the engine from burning and damage. you can attach 1 inch pipe size to inflow and outflow of the water. It comes with 25 X 25mm inlets and outlets which means        


Kirloskar 1 HP Water Pump and Kirloskar 0.5 HP Water Pump are ideal for household purposes. The Kirloskar water pump price are very much affordable.

Let us see why Kirloskar Water motors has become the best brand for water pump –

  1. High Sucking Lift - Can lift up to 7.5 meters with a high head, allowing you to pump water with high volume for different purposes.
  2. High Quality Aluminium Motor Body- The aluminium car body of the special range offers higher resistance to corrosion, better heat dissipation and reduced overall weight so you can feel comfortable.
  3. Thermal Overload protector- Protects the engine from overloading & the Circuit from current error.
  4. Handling to improve grip & Mobility- Quite easy for portability as these pumps are attached with a handle which provides grip that makes it easy to carry.
  5. Simple and sustainable designs- Simple body design and Monoblock feature that the pump can be serviced even remotely by less skilled technicians.
  6. Shielded Ball Bearing & Noise reduction- No external lubrication is required for the balls installed in the pump which extends the life cycle and ensures low noise level.
  7. High efficiency and energy saving design- The innovative design of water pump ensures high efficiency to low energy consumption which leads to significant cost savings
  8. Moderate rotating parts- Protects part from damage during operation, as Minor vibration is consistent in operation.
  9. Copper Winded Motor – All the Kirloskar water pump’s motor are winded with unique copper winding which resembles high efficiency and longevity of the pump
  10. Multi- Purpose - Kirloskar water pumps are all-rounder. They can be used in many key areas such as lifting water to overhead tanks, gardening, increasing the flow of water, Water treatment, irrigation, farming, Feed Water RO and many more.



Top Kirloskar Models which are mostly preferred by Indian consumers –

  1. Kirloskar Jalraaj and Jalraj Ultra series – As the name suggests this pump is the king of water. With a cooling fan enclosed within the motor to protect it from over-heating and damaging electrical parts. Constructed with special alloy which makes it light weight and easy to carry. Kirloskar Jalraj Ultra 1HP is capable of a 42-meter head and can work in a wide input voltage range.
  2. Kirloskar Aqua water pump - These water pumps come in 0.5HP Water motor, 1 HP Aqua Water pump and Aqua 150 water pump 1.5 HP. A very heavy-duty water motor which is widely used in buildings for lifting the water to overhead tanks as they provide optimum water flow as per the requirements.
  3. Kirloskar V FlowVery Compact in Size and these water Pumps are highly efficient in lifting the water in optimum amount of energy consumption. The variant comes in Kirloskar v flow 0.5 HP and 1 HP. V flow water pump prices are also very reliable and they are a perfect choice for homes and farming.
  4. Kirloskar Chotu water pump - Don’t get confused by its name. This series of Kirloskar Water Pump will not disappoint you. Its robust construction with all high-grade material such as Steel Shaft, Brass Impeller, and Super Enamelled Copper Winding which makes it the best water pump in the Market. Kirloskar Chotu water pump prices are affordable and comes in Chotu 0.5 HP and 1 Hp water pump. This pump can work under wide input voltage fluctuations. (180 V to 220 V). Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) Motor - The Pump includes a Cooling Fan Enclosed within the Motor to Protect it From Over-Heating while working which Damaging Electrical Parts.
  5. Kirloskar Pressure Boosting System - df pumps effectively increase the low pressure in a water system to achieve the required water flow and pressure with installed pressure meter and This pump is suitable for lifting water to greater heights with high pressure. Easily serviceable even in remote areas. This pump is made with high end alloys which make it noncorrosive and rustproof. This series has Kirloskar CPBS 52424 V 0.6 HP, Kirloskar CPBS 73624 V 1 HP, and Kirloskar CPBS 84424 V 1.5 HP variants.


Choose from the greatest range of Kirloskar Water Motor and Pumps at best prices only on Pearl




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