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Role of RO Membrane in Water Purification.


Role of RO Membrane in Water Purification.

Purified water is an essential need for each of us these days. Contamination in the water makes raw water slow poison to drink. We have always heard that without water there is no life. But without clean water there would be no life in the coming days. When we talk about the raw water that comes into the kitchen sink, it is usually full of dirt, bacteria, contamination, etc. So, what do you think? It makes us live or die sick. However, there are various ways to purify raw water and make it safe to drink. One of the most widely used methods of all is reverse osmosis.

RO is considered one of the most important water purification technologies. Contaminants in the water are removed by forcing water under pressure through a semi-permeable membrane. Water filtration in an RO Purifier is done using various filters and RO Membranes that eliminate different types of impurities found in tap water through multi-stage purification. The different types of filters that RO purifiers contain are pre-filters, post-filters, and RO membrane.

Pre- Filters

The pre-filter helps to remove impurities, chlorine content and other deposits present in the water. The main function is to protect the membrane from damage. Pre-filters prepare the water to pass through the RO membrane without overstressing the membrane and protect the membrane from damage. Commonly used pre-filters are a sediment filter and a carbon filter.

A pre-RO carbon filter also improves the life of the RO membrane by protecting it from chlorine, which is known to damage the membrane by opening its pores. The long life of the RO filter means low maintenance costs for the consumer.

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

 The RO membrane effectively removes excess TDS, heavy metals and chemicals to provide safe and purified water. Diaphragms are made of different types of materials. With reverse osmosis, they are often referred to as thin film composite membranes. Dirty water, on the other hand, is released from the water purifier as wastewater. The RO Membrane price is slightly higher than other filters.

Post- Filters

After the water is filtered through the RO purification stages, an additional layer of carbon filter is added, called a post-RO carbon filter. A post-RO carbon filter is usually the last stage of water purification. This stage of carbon filter cleaning helps improves water quality. It acts as a polish and further improves the taste of purified water.

From the above content, we can find that the RO membrane is the most important part of the purifiers, although it is also said that the RO Membrane is the heart of the RO purifiers. The RO membrane plays an important role in water purification. Let's read about them in detail:

1. Sweetens the taste of water by removing excess TDS

Total dissolved solids (TDS) include the concentrated level of particles such as inorganic salts and compounds in water. The presence of TDS changes its taste and makes it saltier. RO water purifier reduces TDS in water by 90%, improves the taste of water and makes it sweeter.

2. Removes harmful chemicals and disease-causing impurities

Harmful contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, chemicals, and heavy metals can be naturally present in water and drastically affect human health. These impurities can lead to various water borne diseases such as diarrhoea, typhoid, cholera etc. To avoid these diseases, one must ensure that the water consumed is 100% safe and clean.

RO Membrane provided by Pearl Water Technologies-
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1. RO Membrane 15 LPH Classic - This RO membrane can effectively remove heavy metals, minerals, and other soluble salts from water. The total life of a conventional RO membrane is about 7500 times. The operational TDS of a conventional RO membrane is 1000 PPM.

2. RO Membrane 20LPH Ultra - For reverse osmosis, water must be forced through the RO membrane at an external pressure greater than its natural osmotic pressure, and the water must remain sealed during the desalination process. This process allows clean water to flow out of the waste. This Ultra Ro membrane is ideal for producing better and cleaner water for your home.

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