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Pearl Water Industrial RO Plant its Types and Benefits


Pearl Water Industrial RO Plant its Types and Benefits


Water is one of the most basic needs of a living being- we cannot live for more than a few days without it. According to the research over 2 million people die each year because of unsafe water and most of them are children.

Reverse osmosis is most known for its use in drinking water purification particularly about removing salt and other effluent materials from water molecules. RO is a type of filtration method used for the removal of molecules and ions from a certain solution. We at Pearl Water Technologies tend to manufacture and supply premium quality industrial RO plant which has a quality to remove more than 95% of the impurities, chemicals, and others unwanted substance, and make water safely drinkable.

Introduction to Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is one of the oldest and most popular isolation methods used mainly for water purification. The procedure was largely adopted in the extraction of sea salt in the 1950s, when the whole process was slow and limited in some laboratories.

 However, after much research and technological advancement, significant improvements were made especially in the field of polymers and the production of effective membranes.

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a process that uses a membrane under pressure to separate relatively pure water (or another soluble substance) from a less pure solution. When two aqueous concentrations of different concentrations are separated by a membrane that can penetrate slowly, water passes through the membrane directly into the concentrated solution due to osmotic pressure.

Industrial RO Plant

Industrial RO systems remove up to 99.9% of salt and pollute a variety of polluted water sources including municipal, salty water and more. The system blocks germs, particles, sugars, proteins, dyes, and impurities including a molecular weight of more than 150-250 Dalton.

Every RO Water Plant contains a sediment filter and a carbon filter additionally to the RO membrane. The filters are referred to as either pre-filters or post-filters.

Steps in which industrial RO plant works-

Step 1: Water is fed to the raw water pump into the sand filter, which removes suspended solids from water.

Step 2: The water then flows to the activated carbon filter for dichlorination.

Step 3: Water is further passed to a micron cartridge filter for fine filtration.

Step 4: Water is then pumped by a high-pressure pump into the RO membranes.

Step 5: Pure water passes through the membranes, while most dissolved solids do not pass through the membrane.

Step 6: The pure water then passes through the RO product line, and the contaminated water passes through the reject line or recycle line.

Types of Industrial RO plant manufactured by Pearl Water

  1. 100 LPH RO Plant-

This RO Plant is best used in Commercial factories, institutions, and residential complexes. It’s a low maintenance but highly reliable performance system which provide purified and safe water.

        2. 150 LPH RO Plant-

It’s a low maintenance, less power consumption and environmentally friendly.  It is mainly used in food industry like restaurant and hotels, business & Industrial and purposes like Manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical purposes.

      3. 200 LPH RO Plant-

200 LPH RO plant purifies 200 ltr water per hour. It caters to the needs of up to 400 people. 

       4. 250 LPH RO Plant-

Our 250 LPH RO plant is recognized as quality products due to its robust design, easy to operate system and ease of installation.250 lph RO Plant purifies 250 litres of water per hour.

        5. 350 LPH RO Plant-

Its output water capability is 350 litres of water per hour. It is a wonderful performance, rigid construction, trouble-free practicality, and consumes less power industrial RO.

        6. 500 LPH RO Plant-

The 500 LPH Ro Plants are manufactured in a factory that adheres to the established standards (Industry) using advanced technology and raw materials suitable for drinking water, production, and cleaning process in small to medium-sized companies, industries, hospitals, and industries. It will work well for the need for water for 800 to 1000 people a day.

Benefits of Pearl Water Industrial RO System

To provide further answers for the question of who makes the best reverse osmosis system, we will include the benefits that Pearl Water RO units provide to customers. The qualities that set Pearl Water apart from others.

  • Our Industrial RO plants are ISO certified and fully efficient with negligible maintenance required. 
  • We provide a Water Recovery rate of more than 30%, which is higher compared to others.
  • We Use International Standard accessories to manufacture or set up our systems.
  • Our products have longer durability.
  • The quality of water generated is quite long-lasting.
  • Our Industrial water purifiers are easy to install and operate as they are factory manufactured and tested for plug & play installation.


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