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How To Maintain And Restore The Multiport Valve


How To Maintain And Restore The Multiport Valve

The best way to maintain your multiport valve is by cleans it regularly. The multiport valve controls the direction of the water you want to flow in.  By guiding the multiport valve, you can rinse, backwash, or filter your vessel.

In this blog post, you will learn about tips, and guides on how to maintain and repair your multiport valve properly.

Multiport Valve Leaks throughout the Handle

One of the common problems we face with multiport valves is leakage from the handle. If water rises inside the multiport valve and overflows through the lid, you will get a normal multiport valve leak. Under the handle, there are gaskets. These gaskets prevent water from flowing across.

A multiport valve that leaks near its handle mean your gaskets are collapse. Coldwater makes conditions worse. In cold weather, o-rings shrink, and small debris around the o-rings, causing leaks. You can’t determine the issue with your multiport valve until you disassemble your multiport valve.

When Multiport Valve Leaks around the Cover

If the multiport valves cover leaks, you should first check the pressure of the water. A dirty filter or a closed valve can cause high pressure and lead to leaks. However, if the pressure is normal, check the screws.  If everything is fine, the best option is to cover the o-ring. It is recommended to replace the o-ring if it is damaged or broken.

Multiport Valve Body Leaks

Multiport valves have three ports, filter, backwash, and drain.  Although, over-tightening the valve is probably the most common reason for leakage near the pipes. In most cases, you can simply replace the PVC fitting with a new pipe. You can find these Ro parts on the Pearl Water website.

A cracked valve body isn’t very difficult to replace. You can replace just the body or the entire valve. Clearly, the body is much cheaper and although if you had the leak for some time, there are many other internal parts of the multiport valve that are also need to replace. The only solution is that you have to open up the valve and examine all the parts to know which part to replace. In some cases, replace the entire valve is the best and easiest way.

Replace the Spider Gasket

The spider gasket is the main seal within your multiport valve. This gasket diverts the flow of water and keeps it moving in the correct direction. It also maintains the flow moving in a timely.

The gaskets are the last buffer preventing water from skipping from you. When they break, water exits out from the wrong hole. Replace your spider gasket if it is in worsening the condition, or in poor shape.

The process of removing the spider gasket is always different from model to model. Some spider gaskets slide into the multiport valve and some are glued to the pinwheel.

Replace your Multiport Valve Spring

Another reason why water is leaking from the multiport port is a faulty valve spring. The valve spring maybe breaks or weaken. When this happens, the spider gasket would not seal properly and cause leaking.

By Replacing your Key Cover & Assembly

If you open your multiport valve and determine that the spring and spider gasket is in poor shape, the best solution is to replace the whole key cover and handle assembly.

However, it does cost more to replace the entire valve assembly, it does save your problem of doing it by yourself.

Replace your Complete Multiport Valve

In some conditions, replacing the whole multiport valve is the only way to solve the problem. If the body cracks and you’re having major internal problems, it is recommended to replace the complete valve.

If you have had your multiport valve for years and think it is time for an upgrade replace it as soon as possible.

If you have a Ro plant, water softener, or any other water treatment plant and you are experiencing difficulties with your multiport valve. Don’t worry give us a call at +919582215137 and speak with our qualified technicians. We will definitely help you to replace your Multiport Valve and make your water treatment system good as new. We are Pearl Water Technologies, one of the water treatment plant manufacturers in India.


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