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How to know its time to replace your RO membrane?


How to know its time to replace your RO membrane?

RO is a type of filtration method used for the removal of molecules and ions from a certain solution with the help of filters and membrane. The RO membrane is the heart of the entire RO system. RO membrane works as a barrier for impurities present in the water like dissolved salts and bacteria.

The role of the membrane is to filter organic and inorganic compounds such as fluoride. At this stage, impurities known as total dissolved solids (TDS) such as sodium, calcium and magnesium are reduced.

 Membrane amplifies the effect and reduces the number of TDS in water to 1 / 10,000 (0.0001) microns. The water obtained would have been clean and would have been considered pure by water standards.

Through membrane the poor quality of water turns into premium quality water, so that is why it is very crucial to stay up to date on changing the RO membrane. On average the membrane works for 3-5 year, if it is still producing good quality water you may be able to keep it longer than five years.


How to know when my membrane is bad?

There are several ways to determine that membrane is good or if it’s time to replace it. The first indicator is when the RO system simply stops producing water or the reverse osmosis membrane flow is weaker than before. If the reverse osmosis system always works afterwards, this is another sign that it is time to replace the membrane. The reverse osmosis system keeps working because it cannot produce enough reverse osmosis water to fill the entire system. Finally, the quality of the reverse osmosis water from the reverse osmosis tap also indicates when it is time to replace the membrane.


Buy Domestic RO Membrane from Pearl Water 

Pearl Water offers the best water and wastewater treatment plant in India for the last 15 years. Now the company has recognized the potential of Domestic and Industrial membrane manufacturing. We are now manufacturing the latest generation of reverse osmosis membranes following international standards. These RO membrane elements are tested for all critical parameters to ensure the best consistency of its performance over its guaranteed life. Our RO membrane price is affordable yet available at premium quality.

Pearl Water Domestic RO Membranes are available online on all E-Commerce platforms.

We offer 2 type of premium quality membrane for your RO system-

  • 80 GPD Pearl Water RO Membrane Classic

The diameter of 80 GPD RO membrane is 2-inch micron rating-0.0005 Micron. The material of the product is TFC. It is very to install or can be self-install.

  • 100 GPD Pearl Water RO membrane Ultra  

The capacity Of 100 GPD RO membrane Ultra is more than  2500 GAL. The material of product is TFC.


 Other benefits of choosing Pearl Water Technologies to purchase RO membrane or any other product-

1. Amazing deals and offers.

1. All products are ISO-certified.

2. High quality but low cost.

3. It is made of ABS material which means high durability.

4. Customize according to user requirement.

5. Switching service during warranty period.

You can try the one that best that suits your needs. Contact us if you have any question and we will respond you within 24 hours. We are in for customize or install the product at your site. Our team is available 24*7 at your service. You can also buy Pearl Water Domestic RO membrane from all ecommerce site like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Messho.



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