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How To Increase The Life Of Domestic RO Purifier


How To Increase The Life Of Domestic RO Purifier

RO Purifier uses a multi-stage filtration process to remove different types of impurities from water. The reverse osmosis system uses a thin membrane to remove salt, chemicals, and impurities from the raw water to make it safe for consumption by humans. The raw water passes through this RO membrane having very small-sized pores. The RO Membrane removes minerals and organisms from the water. The reject line flushes out the impurities.

However, to ensure getting clean and pure drinking water, you need to maintain the water purifier properly. Without proper maintenance, your Domestic RO Purifier will not function properly and you end up drinking contaminated water.

So, in this blog, we discuss a few tips that will help you to maintain your RO Plant.

The Importance of Maintaining RO System Filters:-

RO purifiers play an important role in removing different types of contaminants from water. The different stages remove impurities of various sizes to make water safe for drinking. This is the reason why maintaining RO filters is important. A reverse osmosis system consists of mainly three stages pre-filtration, reverse osmosis, and post-filtration. The pre-filtration stage removes sand, silt dust, and other residual particles from water. The pre-filtration stage is also important to keep the RO Membrane safe. Not changing the pre-filters timely might damage the reverse osmosis membrane and the water purification process will be affected.

Maintaining the RO Membrane

The RO membrane separates out the solutes from the solvent and only allows the pure solvent to pass through it. As the Domestic RO membrane is a central part of the water RO Plant, maintenance is very important to ensure that you get clean, safe, and tasty drinking water. The RO membrane needs to be changed every 6 months in order to prevent clogging pores.

Regular Filter Changes

The filters of a Domestic RO Purifier need replacement after approximately 6 months. Not cleaning the water purifier frequently will affect its recovery rate and the quality of water. If you continue using RO filters without changing them, the impurities will be transferred to your drinking water. To get safe drinking water, it is important to schedule the filter change on a regular basis.


Sediment Filter

RO Purifier uses multiple filters to remove impurities present in water.  One of the filters used in the water purifier is the sediment filter. Change your sediment filter at least once a year to protect dirt from getting to the fine RO membranes.

Carbon Filter

A carbon filter removes chlorine and other chemicals that affect human life. It also has an impact on the taste and odor of the water you drink. Change it before 12 months to avoid any problem.

RO Membrane

RO Plants come with a semi-permeable membrane, which allows water to pass through it but filters out other contaminants. For better performance, you need to replace the RO membrane every 3-9 months. However, keep in mind that this schedule is totally based on the quality of raw water and your daily water usage.


  • Replace all the filters before 12 months
  • Replace the RO membranes annually
  • Sanitize the water storage tanks monthly
  • Replace and buy any new parts timely
  • Check the pressure of water at regular intervals


RO System will provide the best performance only when you follow the regular maintenance tips. Changing your RO Filters will make sure that your RO system will always deliver the best performance and its service life will be prolonged. Pearl Water is known for providing top-quality RO spare parts for the convenience of customers. You can easily get in touch with us via phone or email. To buy the best Domestic RO Spares visit our E-Commerce website.



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