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How to clean Industrial Cartridge Filter?


How to clean Industrial Cartridge Filter?



Industrial Cartridge Filter is a filter whose main purpose is to remove contaminants from the water. Cartridge Filter is widely used in recycling water filtration, oil filter processing, metallurgical industry, continuous casting water systems, blast furnace water system, etc. Water Filter Cartridges is an advance and automatic filter which is efficient and easy to operate. The Water Filter Cartridge is encased within a housing that is made up of polypropylene whose property is to resist the growth of bacteria. In Pre-filter Cartridge, filtration occurs through the mechanism of straining.

A Micron Cartridge Filter gets rid of all the unwanted particles, pollutants, and chemicals from liquids. A Cartridge Filter has many advantages such as easy to install, high dust filtration, ease to use, and ease of maintenance. Pre Filter Cartridge is made of composite filament spun bond nonwoven polyester fiber. RO Filter Cartridge can also be made of wound string, rigid foam, or pleated film.

A Cartridge Filter has so many benefits. The water filtered from Cartridge Filter is safe for drinking and also tastes better as impurities get filtered out. Filtered water flowing through the pipes also extend the life of the plumbing system. It also lowers the costs of plumbing and appliance repairs. RO Filter Cartridge helps to alleviate issues such as skin irritations and disorders by removing chlorine present in water. Water Filter Cartridges are easy to maintain and construct and they also have great filter accuracy. Pre Filter Cartridge benefits the smaller water system since they are less expensive.

Industrial Cartridge Filter is of various types. String wound cartridge filters, Slim Cartridge Filter, Jumbo Cartridge Filter, and 10 Micron Cartridge Filter are some of the most common in the industry.

Slim Cartridge Filter

Slim Cartridge Filter is melt blown filter made up of high-quality Polypropylene having 90% sediment retention capacity. It also has a particle removal capacity of up to 5 microns from water. It is ideal for prefiltration to various water treatments for drinking purposes as well as effluent & sewage treatment.

String wound cartridges filter

String wound cartridges filter has multiple layers of string wound tightly around a support core in diamond-shaped patterns to prevent the breakage of short fibers. As the water passes through the cartridge, the woven layers of string on the outer diameter filter out bigger sediment particles those greater than or equal to the micron rating.

Jumbo Cartridge Filter

Jumbo Cartridge Filter, using the melt blown process, is made up of Polypropylene. It is able to retain upto 90% of sediments. It works through the process of mechanical filtration that stops the flow of suspended solids and eliminates the impurities of freshly filtered water. This filter is typically installed first before other water treatment systems like RO System to save more costly spares like Membranes.

With high filter precision, good water repellence, good oil repellence, low resistance, washable, long life, and other advantages, cleaning the Industrial Cartridge Filter is very important. In the used Water Cartridge Filters since the outer surface is exposed to the air side, it will accumulate dust so its color becomes gray-black but the inner side facing the inlet filter surface should still be in working quality. When the dust is removed from the outer surface the Industrial filter cartridge can still continue to be used. If the inner surface appears to be a dark color filter, the cartridges must be replaced. How to do cleaning the Water Cartridge Filter is very important. Steps to do the cleaning of the cartridge filter are -

  • Open the Drain Valve at the bottom of the Cartridge Filter Housing to drain the filter housing.
  • Remove the Filter Housing Clamp using a Wrench and remove the Cartridge Filter.
  • Cartridge Filter must be washed, dried, and sealed in plastic bags to prevent pollution.
  • The filter cartridges must be soaked in the acid wash and the soak time is no more than 24 hours.
  • Alkali solution temperature should be between 25 to 50 degrees with Alkali and the water ratio should be 10-20%.
  • The high protein content of the industrial Filter Cartridges is soaked in enzyme solution which has a better effect on cleaning.
  • Clean the Cartridge Filter until all of the pleats have the material removed.
  • Re-install Cartridge Filter into Cartridge Filter Housing
  • Re-install Cartridge Filter Lid and Clamp
  • Tighten the clamp
  • Inspect Cartridge Filter Housing for leaks.

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