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How Iron Removal Filter Works? Its features and Applications.


How Iron Removal Filter Works?  Its features and Applications.

An iron removal filter that filter which removes iron particles from the water. These filters are designed for removing the excess iron content present in the feed water with minimum pressure drop. It helps to treat the hardness of water by removing iron minerals and making the water soft. Iron in water is one of the problems that consumers and industrialists face a lot.

Now, how will you know whether your water contains an excessive amount of iron?

If your water has a foul odor of a rotten egg or is reddish-brown in color, then your water has an excessive amount of iron in it. 

Besides this, if pipes have got rusted and damaged, this could also be the reason for the presence of Iron.

The presence of iron in water can prove harmful since it can create problems for industries related to their cost of operation and maintenance. 

Excessive iron contents can cause serious problems in a residential area like discoloration of water, laundry, and plumbing fixtures.

Where do, these iron particles come in water? 

Iron can easily be found in water if there are large amounts of iron present in the soil. Water coming from the tap is usually either colorless or transparent but when it comes in contact with oxygen, it becomes reddish-brown in color. That reddish-brown particle is called rust.

The working principle of removing iron content from the water is the oxidation of iron. In this process, iron's dissolved state is converted to an undissolved form. After that, when the conversion takes place, the ferric form of iron precipitates on the filter bed. 

Following are the features of the filter that we deal with:

Features of Iron Removal Filter-

1. Pearl Water Iron removal filter ensures that the lives of appliances used at homes, offices, and industries are increased. For example, the iron removal filter helps in the prevention of scaling on bathroom appliances.

2. Iron-free water also helps in protecting our Clothes fabric from losing shine. Also, the consumption of soap and shampoos in the home gets reduced due to fewer irons.

3. The iron filter uses an efficient electric process, meaning thereby there is no need for electricity to remove the iron from the water.

4. Pearl Water Iron Removal Filter is very easy to operate.

5. Our Iron Removal Filter is Safe to use and adds no chemicals to the water.

6. It can work on both municipal and well water.


1. Iron Removal filter has vast applications due to their effectiveness and low operational and maintenance costs

2. The Iron Removal filter has domestic, industrial, and pharmaceutical applications

We at Pearl Water introduced the best and most efficient Iron removal filter that provides you best effective and efficient results. If you are facing multiple problems due to the high content of Iron in water and require a solution, feel free to contact us at +91-9582215137


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