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How Carbon Filter enhances the overall quality of water?


How Carbon Filter enhances the overall quality of water?

Carbon Filters are one of the most essential parts of an RO System. Water being the most critical and widely consumed liquid in the whole world. We human being are also 70% water. In our daily life water is used in trillions of quantities all over the world. How Fascinating is water that is present mostly every where in various forms such as solid, liquid, gas, mixtures and so on.

An average human being consumes around 250 litres of water in his daily ablutions such as bathing, washing up, doing Laundry, washing vehicles, cooking and so on. Although earth consist around 75% of water but all that water is not consumable. The water which is ready to consume is considered to be deep in the ground, which is extracted by several ways such as well, handpump, water motor pump, submersible, etc. but the sad part is that it is getting polluted day by day and getting less as we are consuming more than enough of it. The bitter truth is that everyone wants to consume safe and pure drinking water, but no one wants to save the clean water. There are several things which need to be kept in mind while using water as it is getting critical day by day.


So, what role does carbon plays in enhancing the overall quality of water by making it safe, hygienic, and pure for consumption?


Carbon on the other hand is the most trendy, black amorphous substance which is also present in the earth in very many forms such as diamond, coal, charcoal, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc. carbon is now a days used in very many products mainly cosmetic as we can see the charcoal, activated carbon soaps, shampoos, scrubs and what not just because of its impurities catching and removing properties.

Pre Carbon-Filters are used for water purification in a very large scale domestically as well as industrially. The packaged water bottle which are widely available in market are purified through very many processes such as RO, UV, UF, Ozonisation and many others. Carbon Filter Price are really affordable.  In all the purification techniques carbon Filtration is mandatory to do. Water Activated Carbon Filters mainly comes in three forms which are mentioned as follows-

1. GAC Carbon Filter - These are also known as Granular Carbon Filter. Here the carbon is in the granular form which means the particles are not intact between each other tightly. So, these granules are then filled in a specific Filter case which used to have one inlet and one outlet which is generally directs the water flow.

2. Carbon Block Filter – Here the carbon Granules are highly compressed so that they have a very less molecular space between them, so the water passes very slowly through these filters. They are generally used as pre-Carbon filter.

3. Activated carbon filter media – This media comes in the powder form. These are used in industries in which need to filter the water in large quantities. Iodine value describes the purity of the filter media.

Here are TOP 5 Qualities of Activated Carbon Filters which enhances the water in very many aspects-


1. Removal of VOCs - VOC are Volatile Organic Compounds which are volatile in nature and are very much harmful to our body. These are present in the environment of our daily lives, and we use them for very many purposes such as refrigeration, paints, Gums, and several others. Some examples of VOCs are formaldehyde, chloroform, paint thinners, dry cleaning agents, etc. These organic compounds generally evaporate very easily in the air leaving behind a very low smell. Carbon Filters easily removes several types of VOCs from water making it safe for consumption.


2. Removing Unwanted smell from the water - No one can predict from where the water is coming as it keep on changing its form.  Carbo filter removes unwanted smell from the water so that it feels pure while consuming it. As water have no such smell or odour carbon filter sucks up all the other smell causing agents to make it odourless.


3. Removal of Several types of Chemicals from the Water- When water passes through the carbon filter, granules present in the carbon filters removes several types of chemicals  from the water such as Chlorine, Fluoride, Lead, Gasoline, Tartaric Acid, Benzene etc which we know are very harmful when consumed and can even cause serious and harmful diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, Stomach Pain and even cancer.


4. Removal of unwanted particles from the water- Carbon Filter removes all the types of dust, dirt and all the unwanted particles which have a specific micron size. This also increases the efficiency of water RO Membrane and thus providing us with the clean and safe form of water.


5. Replenishing the colour & taste of the water- Carbon filters very easily removes various types of dyes which are present in water which gives back the original colour of the water. On the other hand Carbon removes bleaching agents and pesticides which can be present in the water which replenish its taste making is safe and pure for consumption.


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