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Find The Quality And Durable Water Treatment Plant Spare Parts


Find The Quality  And Durable Water Treatment Plant Spare Parts

With the level of water pollution rising and the increasing demand for purified freshwater, the need for water treatment and sewage treatment plants is increasing. Water treatment plants such as Industrial RO plant, Water Softener, Effluent treatment plant, Sewage Treatment Plant etc. have the ability to treat contaminated water and produce fresh purified water.

Many companies, manufacturing units, and industries have already installed water treatment plants for their water treatment requirements.  With time, the extensively used water treatment systems start giving one or many problems, such as leakage, noisy operation, odor in water, bitter taste of water, etc. 
So, how do we get rid of the problems?

Well, these problems need to be addressed in time by changing the spare parts of the water treatment equipment like Industrial RO Spares and Water Softener Spares. With frequent use and over a period of time, the spare parts start losing their efficiency, due to which it has to be replaced with quality yet durable spare parts. At Pearl Water, you will find an array of premium quality and ISO certified spare parts, which improves the efficiency of the water treatment equipment, as well as have a long lifespan.
Buy the best quality Industrial RO and Water Softener spare parts.

Following are the spare parts you may need to buy in order to get the desired water output:

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge filters are simple modular filters that can be used to remove particles and chemicals from the water. It is made from wound strands of polypropylene material. The solid material which is suspended in the water gets trapped on the cartridge filter. As cartridge filters are not backwashed, they are simply replaced once they become dirty or blocked. The frequency of changing depends on the quality of the water passing through the filter and should be determined for each supply.

Removal of odor
Encapsulate permanent magnets
Efficient sensors


RO Membrane

Water Treatment RO Membranes at Pearl Water are specifically designed for water treatment plants. It helps in separating up to 95% of the unwanted contaminants from the water that is used in different industries. 
These membranes are manufactured by using superior quality stainless steel and the most advanced techniques. 
It filters and provides pure water of good taste, which is not acidic. It is very easy to install without the help of a technician. 

Highly Durable
Easy to clean
Does not foul
Excellent bacteria and ions separation capacity
High filtration speed compared to other membranes
High water loading volume
Simple to manage and maintain.

Filter Media

Filter Media used in the Water Treatment process to minimize the level of suspended solids in incoming feed Water. Filter media is very effective at removing pollutants as well as small particles from water. there are various kind of Filter media used in Water treatment process:
Activated Carbon Filter Media 1000 i/v,Activated Carbon Filter Media 450 i/v,Pebbels Multigrade Filter media ,Multigrade Filter Media Coarse, Multigrade Filter Media Gravel,Multigrade Filter Media fine

Multiport valve

Pearl Water’s wide range of multiport valves are innovatively designed for multiple applications. It consists of a valve body machined from a solid block material with a minimum of three tube ends. Multiport valves are easy to operate and also provide excellent sealing capability. Multiple functions like filter backwash, rinsing brine suction, and brine rinse can be performed with just a simple turn of the handle. These valves are also designed to fit in any system without any issue.

Helpful to clean or backwash the filter media
Allows the water to move in many directions
Beneficial to perform various maintenance operations on the pool water.


Antiscalant is a pre-treatment water additive for Industrial RO plants, highly effective in preventing the membranes from scaling. Before the raw water enters into the RO membrane, an antiscalant is injected into the water and sent through the system. The chemicals turn out a time delay between the bicarbonate and the calcium-magnesium. This time delay allows the water to pass through the membrane before any chemical reaction, in which scale can form. This result is no formation of scale as the water is being purified by the RO.

Prevent the RO membrane from scaling
Low chemical dosage
Can produce potable water
Effective for over a wide pH range

FRP vessel 

Filter reinforced plastic vessels (FRP) are high-performance and high-value vessels for residential and commercial reverse osmosis applications. They are specifically designed for RO plants. These vessels offer better advantages over competitive tanks via 100% seamless, composite construction, and the ability to discharge in any position.

Durable even in harsh chemical environments
Chemical resistant



A resin bed is a water treatment spare part installed in a water softener that helps in converting hard water into soft water. Hard water that contains calcium and magnesium flows through this resin bed in a process called ion exchange. The ions such as calcium and magnesium present in the water trade places with soft ions on the resin beads, thus resulting in soft water.

The treated water has a very low scaling tendency 
Reduces the hardness level of water to less than 2 ppm
It gets cleaned through the regeneration process.


RO membrane housing

The RO membrane housing is a water treatment spare part that ensures high dirt and slit holding capacity. With the help of reverse osmosis technology, it helps process water to remove bacteria, organic matter, viruses, and other harmful dissolved impurities. At Pearl Water, this spare part of the water filter is made from premium quality polypropylene (PP) for long-lasting use.
If you do not have a standard-sized RO membrane, you can easily replace your current housing with this RO membrane housing. 
It is well suited for all common RO water purifiers available in India.

It is manufactured using stainless steel and is resistant to corrosion leading to high performance.

Shelf-life of up to 3 years
Composite construction is anti-wearable.
Multi-porting option.
High sealing pressure performance.
Unique quick locking system.


Spun filter
The spun filter cartridge is a depth-filter cartridge with a 100% high purity polypropylene filter media. It has a long shelf-life and broad chemical compatibility. They are widely used as a pre-filter for industrial process water and groundwater remediation. At Pearl Water, no adhesives, lubricants or antistatic agents are used in manufacturing spun filters.

Various endcap choices available to fit standard filter cartridge housings
Optimal graded density best for high filtration efficiency.
It can operate at larger velocities due to its larger diameter.
Larger particle retention with increasing differential pressure.


Pressure gauge

Pressure gauges are mechanical pressure measuring instruments. Pressure gauges are among the most commonly used instruments in a water treatment plant. 
It is important to replace a damaged pressure gauge because if a plant is operated with a failed pressure switch, the safety of the plant may be at risk. 

The simplest and the most direct way of measuring pressure
Easy way to see pressure at a glance
Highly durable

Solenoid valve

A solenoid valve is an electro-mechanically controlled valve which is used to control the flow of liquid and gas. It controls the flow of liquids and gases in a positive, fully-closed or fully-open mode. They are often replaced with manual valves. 

Indirect operated valves require a pressure differential to function.
They are used to close, open, distribute, mix or dose the media with 2 or more inlets/outlets.
They are fast-acting.
The above-mentioned list of spare parts can be considered for resolving the issues with the water treatment system.


At Pearl Water Technologies, we have a stock of all the various spare parts mentioned above in different models and variations to suit the demand of the various industries. We manufacture premium quality spare parts keeping in mind the need of durability of the products for our customers. We even provide on-site spare part replacement at an affordable cost.


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