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Features And Benefits Of Pearl Water Domestic Water Softener


Features And Benefits Of Pearl Water Domestic Water Softener

Pearl Water provides a Fully Automatic Household Water Softener to give soft water throughout your home. This product can easily solve all your hard water problems.

Pearl Water Domestic Water Softener is a minimal maintenance sleek product that gives you soft and quality water throughout your house, without any extra effort.

This system prevents scaling and stains on your taps, faucets, and fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen ensuring that your bathroom fittings look good as new for a long time. This water softener also protects your appliances like geysers, washing machines, and dishwashers from internal damage and corrosion, thus extending their life. Soft water also protects your hair and skin from the harmful effects of hard water.

Water Softener is a type of filter that removes the sulphates and carbonates of calcium and magnesium in hard water by using beads and cleansed by an important process called regeneration. The removal of calcium and magnesium ions from water is known as water softening. Domestic Water Softener plays an important role in the water treatment industry.

Pearl Water provides a hardness testing kit and regeneration rock salt to check the water hardness also. Pearl Water Technologies is the leading Domestic Water Softener manufacturer and supplier in India.

We provide both types of domestic water softeners – Semi-automatic and Automatic Water Softeners.

Features & Benefits:-

Pearl Water Domestic Water Softener is an intelligent, low-maintenance softener that quietly softens your entire family's water. The softeners have a 15 LTR salt storage capacity to minimize the frequency of salt refilling. It uses high-efficiency food-grade softening resin which has a higher life.

  • 1-year warranty on complete system
  • Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Operation
  • Specially designed for homes, commercial flats, villas and laundry businesses
  • Free water hardness test kit
  • One Stop Solution for Water Treatment.
  • World-class softeners

About Us:-

  • Our Manufacturing Unit is in 12D, Sector-37, Udyog Vihar, Gurugram, Haryana
  • We have more than 10 years of experience in Water Treatment.
  • We are providing services in PAN INDIA

If you are facing hard water problems and looking for the best Domestic Water Softener for home, contact us at 9582215137 or order directly on the Pearl Water E-Commerce Website.



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