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Everything To Know About Industrial RO Plant


Everything To Know About Industrial RO Plant

Our R&D concludes that the demand for fresh and purified water for the purpose of production, cleaning, drinking, etc. has increased significantly in this decade. Taking this into consideration, Pearl Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and supplies premium quality Industrial RO Plants which have the capacity to remove 95% of the organic matter and impurities, making the water safe to use.

We are one of the leading Industrial RO plant manufacturers in India having a positive footprint in the water treatment industry. We have been serving various types of industries such as food & beverage, textile, hotels, manufacturing factories, etc. since last 10 years. We have seen the demand for our ISO certified Industrial RO plants and wastewater treatment plants since our establishment.

Here, we will tell everything you need to know about the Industrial RO Plant.

What is an Industrial RO Plant?
An Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant is a water treatment plant useful to eliminate hazardous chemicals and impurities from the water through reverse osmosis technique. Reverse osmosis process purifies or desalinates contaminated water and produces demineralized and pure water which is safe to use for various industrial processes.

Reverse Osmosis is basically the reversal of the natural phenomenon of osmosis. Here, external pressure is applied on the water that contains the higher concentration of dissolved ions, forcing the water through the semipermeable membrane in the opposite direction. This leaves behind the dissolved ions and the suspended solids. 

Water that gets passed through the semipermeable membrane is referred to as permeate, or product water which is well treated. The water that remains behind the membrane containing the dissolved and suspended solids is referred to as the reject, brine, or concentrate water. This is how the Industrial RO plant works.

There are 2 versions of Industrial RO Plants i.e., fully automatic and semi-automatic.

Fully Automatic Industrial RO Plant gives higher water production rate. They are mechanical operated with pneumatic operation which gives accuracy of washing and filling.

Semi-automatic Industrial RO Plant requires manual washing. Rest of the activities are fully automatic.

Types of Industrial RO Plant
Following are the various types of Industrial RO Plants to choose from depending on the requirement:

100 LPH RO Plant
100 LPH Industrial RO Plant is ideal for hospitals, nursing homes, small schools and offices, institutes, restaurants, etc. 
They are mainly of 2 types:
3 membranes of 300 GPD 
21×40 single membrane
It has 1 high pressure switch and its output water capacity is 100 liters of water per hour. The price per plant ranges between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 55,000. 
Its energy-efficient design consumes less power electricity and also requires negligible maintenance.
150 LPH RO Plant
150 LPH Industrial RO Plant can cater to the need for 200-300 employees or students or customers every day. It has four membrane tap water elements of 300 GDP. 
This RO provides high output and a long life span as compared to the domestic RO purifiers.
Its output water capacity is 150 liters of water per hour.

The price per plant starts from Rs. 50,000 approximately.
The 150 LPH RO plants have a long service life and are easy to maintain.

200 LPH RO Plant
200 LPH Industrial RO Plant is ideal for small to medium size hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, schools, institutions, commercial buildings as well as malls and has elevated durability.
The cost of the plant starts from Rs. 75,000 approximately.

The 200 LPH RO plant is corrosion free, and an environmentally friendly product, and its output water capacity is 200 liters of water per hour.

250 LPH RO Plant
250 LPH Industrial RO Plant is ideal for small to medium industries such as food & beverage, textile, chemical, etc. It can also be used by large hostels, restaurants, universities and schools where they have high water demand.
It has a thin film composite type of membrane.
Its output water capacity is 250 liters of water per hour.

The average cost of 250 LPH RO plant is Rs. 85,000 approximately.
The 250 LPH RO plant can effectively maintain the TDS level below 120 ppm.

350 LPH RO Plant
350 LPH Industrial RO Plant is ideal for hospitals, food processing units, hotels, etc. and is provided at competitive pricing in various specifications.
Its output water capacity is 350 liters of water per hour.

The average cost of 350 LPH RO plant is above Rs. 95,000 approximately.
It has a water recovery rate up to 95% with an ability to produce safe and drinking water. It has excellent performance, rigid construction, hassle free functionality and consumes less power.

500 LPH RO Plant
500 LPH RO Plants are manufactured adhering to the set industry standards using advanced technology and optimum quality raw material ideal for drinking water, production and cleaning purposes in small to medium size companies, factories, hospitals, and industries. It can efficiently serve the water requirement of 800 to 1000 people every day.
The 500 RO plant area is 300 to 350 sq. ft and has 6 filtration stages. 
The average cost of a premium quality 350 LPH RO plant is Rs. 1,50,000 approximately.
Its output water capacity is 500 liters of water per hour.

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Need of Industrial RO Plant
Industrial RO plant efficiently purifies contaminated water which is used for a variety of purposes such as:
Wastewater treatment
Concentration of contaminants
Reclamation of dissolved minerals, etc.

Superior water quality is essential for many industrial manufacturing and maintenance procedures. A high level of TDS and organic matter in the water can create problems such as streaking, spotting and scaling to the water appliances. This compromises their performance and efficiency leading to added cost of operations. Hence, it is important to use Industrial RO Plant to flow pure and freshwater into your water appliances, which in turn provides greater efficiency in the processes.
A common issue which many industries face is leaving behind carbon footprint in the environment when they release untreated water. With the use of Industrial RO Plant, water can be treated of its toxins and harsh chemicals and released into the environment. This makes the water management more controlled and effective while leaving a positive impact on the natural environment. It is one of the greenest solutions for industrial wastewater.

Benefits of Industrial RO Plant
Provides Purified and safe water
Industrial RO plants convert toxic and chemically charged water into purified and safe water which can be utilized for any process. It removes all kinds of icons, minerals, lead, organic matter, etc. from the water which can be harmful if used untreated.
Reduces Energy Costs
Compared to other water filtration systems, Industrial RO plants generate less energy. This is because it has the capacity to filter water with much better efficiency than ordinary water filtration systems, leading to less energy consumption and reduced energy costs.
Requires very little space
The Industrial RO systems come in various capacities according to which it takes less space for installation and operation.
Requires negligible maintenance
For most of the parts, the Industrial RO systems hardly require maintenance and are easy to take care of. Even if it is used at its peak capacity, only its filters have to be changed every 6 months. Usually, the Industrial RO plant manufacturers visit for maintenance purposes if required.
Water tastes better
Even though water taste is a personal preference, it is observed that water generated through Industrial RO plant tastes better. This is because the reverse osmosis process removes minerals which affects a water’s taste and thus produces fresh, pure and better tasting water. 
With increasing advantages and benefits, the use of Industrial RO plants across industries is set to increase. It has minimal risks, is more efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and requires low maintenance. Pearl Water Technologies is an expert in providing customized reverse osmosis systems to meet a variety of industrial and commercial needs. As a commercial business, we know that you need the best systems that come at affordable and competitive prices, which is why we work with all our clients to deliver high quality purification systems at comparably good prices. 



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