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What is Cartridge Filter? When to replace it?


What is Cartridge Filter? When to replace it?

For a healthy lifestyle, clean and safe water is the first step. And access to clean water is not so difficult in modern times. With so many available and advanced options, you can clean your drinking water without any hassle.

We all know that water is life. And it is an easy way for diseases, germs, or viruses to get into our bodies. Bad water can affect your stomach in less than a few hours. According to a study, waterborne diseases cause the death of up to 3.4 million people a year.

So, it’s a big question that how to save our loved one? The answer is Filtered Water.

Cartridge Filter are used to remove sediments, metals, and other microorganism from the water. For the good functioning of the cartridge filters, the correct size filters must be installed. The filter works best when the water passing through does not contain many solid materials and has less quality of chemical present in it.

What Does Cartridge Filter Remove?

 Cartridges are stored in the housing, and are used to remove unwanted contaminants, particles, and liquid chemicals. The correct level of contamination of cartridge filters should be less than 0.01% by weight.

Cartridge Filter can remove any particles with a size greater than 5 microns. Most Cartridge filters are made of Polypropylene because they are resistant to bacterial growth.

How does water flow through Cartridge Filter?

Water Filter Cartridge fall into two broad categories of design - Radial and axial.

Radial Cartridges, which have an outer wall that can enter, water flows to the outer wall of the cartridge in the centre. That is, water flows from the outside to the inner core. All the carbon block and sediment filters fall into this category.

Axial Cartridge, with a strong, impermeable outer wall, water enters the end of the cartridge, and flows along the length of the cartridge, and there is another. The RO candle falls under this category.

When to replace a filter Cartridge?

Replacement of filter depend upon the raw water that is pass through it. If the TDS level of a raw water is more ,than the lifespan of filter will be less. The maximum lifespan of the cartridge Filter is approx. 5-6 month based on its dirt holding capacity. However, the number of days a cartridge will last also depends on the concentration of contaminants in the liquid.

There are several ways to determine if a membrane is good or it is time to replace it. The indication is that the RO system simply stops producing water or the flow of the osmosis membrane becomes weaker than before. The reversible osmosis system continues to function because it cannot produce regenerative osmosis fluids to complete the entire system. The quality of the receding osmosis water from the receding osmosis tap also indicates that it is time to change the membrane.

 Types of Cartridge filter offered by Pearl Water-

If you’re looking for the best quality of Cartridge filter for your RO, Pearl Water offers you the premium quality of Cartridge filter in an affordable price. Pearl Water Cartridge filters are available online on all E-Commerce platforms. We offer 3 type of cartridge filter –

1.Jumbo Cartridge Filter

• Made using the process of melting filters made of Polypropylene synthetic framework.

• It can store up to 90% of residues.

• It acts as a filtration system that blocks the flow of solid solids and removes impurities from freshly filtered water.

2.Slim Cartridge Filter

• Made of High-quality Polypropylene

• 90% Sediment Storage Capacity

• Above 5 Micron Water Removal Ability

• Can Be Fitted with Any 2.5x20 Inch Filter Model

• Suitable for all Commercial and Industrial RO Plant 100 LPH to 700 LPH

3.String Wound Cartridge Filter

• Extensive chemical flexibility and long-term filtering life

• 100% polypropylene does not allow odours, foams, adhesives, and no fine fibre stops

• large volume of waste management

• ISO Certified Product

• Suitable for all filter applications

Other benefits of choosing Pearl Water Technologies to purchase the RO Cartridge Filter or any other product-

1. Amazing deals and specials.

2. All products are ISO-certified.

3. High quality but low cost.

4. Made of ABS material which means high durability.

5. Customize according to user requirement.

6. Change service during warranty period.

You can try one that fits your needs. Contact us if you have any question and we will respond to you within 24 hours. We are in for customization.Our team is available 24 * 7 at your service. You can also purchase Pearl Water Cartridge Filter at all ecommerce sites like Amazon(Pearl Water Technologies Jumbo Cartridge Filter (Pack Of 2) : Home & Kitchen), Flipkart, and Messho.

You can also watch video on Cartridge filter for better understanding (Buy Cartridge filter from RO Plant and get 100% purified water. - YouTube).





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