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In this monsoon we have come to you with the blessings of huge deals and discount offers. Purifying the water is now easy and affordable. 

Pearl Water technologies is offering a huge discount on all the products as compared to all the other websites and portals. We have got combos for all the domestic RO water systems. From a connector to a filter housing. Everything under one roof!

Let’s talk about offers. 

Firstly, Get Rs.50 at the time of checkout on every purchase.

Secondly, we will keep 100 coins in your wallet which you can avail on your next purchase anytime.

Thirdly, Flat 70% discount on Shipping.

Isn’t it interesting to get so many discounts at a single place?

For the full coverage of your RO, we have got you different combinations to serve you right. Let’s Check.


  1. Pearl Water Classic RO Filter Kit with RO Membrane 


This is a perfect combination of Sediment filter, Carbon Filter and RO Membrane which will complete your RO water System. It can be used in all types of water RO. Carbon Filters are usually made up of fruit shell, coconut shell and coal by a special process. it effectively removes the organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive from the water whereas the sediment filter removes all the type of sediment such as dust, dirt, silt etc from the water and finally the RO membrane with 96% salt rejection rate and anti-bacterial sheet will ensure that your water is clean, pure and Hygienic.


  1. Pearl Water Classic RO Filter Kit with Water Filter Cartridge

This  Classic RO Filter combo is made as per the requirement of your RO system. The 5 Micron Cartridge filter will make sure that not all the types of dust, dirt, rust, and other organic material are out of the way. These cartridge filters are depth filters which have more efficiency and longevity. The Filters are in the universal size that can easily be fit in all the types of RO systems. These are designed with love in India. The installation of the products is easy and can be also done manually. The sediment and carbon filter will not allow any kind of pollutants and will ensure good TDS of the water for consumption. High Performance and Amazing Quality.


  1. Pearl Water Classic RO Filter Kit with Water Filter Cartridge


This 10-inch filter housing is a pre-filter. The tap water first needs to cross this filter before going through the other filters because it filters out all the contaminants from the tap water and extends the life of your inner filters in your water purifier. This Filter housing can be installed in any RO/UV water purifier, and it is compatible with all the types of 10-inch cartridge filter. All the large amounts of particles which come from the tap water such as rust, sand, dirt, silt, and dust are easily removed. This cartridge filter is made with melt which is thermally bonded which ensures the quality and longevity of this filter. The housing is lightweight and easy to hang. We have also included the Teflon tape, a multi- Spanner and 1 meter pipe with some connector so you don’t have to worry about small things. 


  1. Complete Ro Kit filter & Membrane- 

This is a complete Package for your RO water purifier systems. Made with high class ABS food grade material. Easy to install and long-lasting Housing is made of one-piece injection moulded parts, it requires no glue or solvent to be used in the manufacturing process. All the essential Filters and membranes which are required by any RO water purifier system are inside this RO Filter KIT. This kit can handle more than 1500 TDS of water and can purify it to make it pure and safe for consumption. Now you don’t need to worry about harmful bacteria and pathogens as RO membrane and Carbon filter are equipped with anti-bacterial sheets. Carbon filter which has coal and coconut shell carbon granules will remove any of the odour from the water and replenish its colour. The best part of this RO Filter kit is that it doesn’t clear out the good minerals that are healthy for your body. 

This RO Filter kit is equipped with a TDS meter so you can easily check the quality of the water by yourself.


  1. Pearl Water Classic RO filter kit With Membrane and Housing 


This combination of classic RO membrane and Membrane housing is a must for your RO water system. This RO membrane has a 96% salt rejection rate so you don’t have to worry about the TDS. This housing can accommodate most standard 12-inch membrane elements. Provided with the Teflon tape to ensure safety and no leakage. A flow restrictor will keep in mind that the water flow is accurate across the water purifier system and some connectors to better connectivity with the end. The membrane can produce better, cleaner water for your household to consume. It can support up to 1500 TDS of input water. This Membrane is Made with an Anti-Bacterial Sheet, Housing Made with Pure Food Grade Plastic. This kit is lightweight and highly durable and long lasting.


Pearl Water Technologies has got your back. Get Deals like never before with lots of discounts and offers that you cannot keep your eyes off on any product whether it is domestic or industrial. From Valves to RO Plants. 

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