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Buy Best Ro Spare Parts On Amazon At Best Price


Buy Best Ro Spare Parts On Amazon At Best Price

Do you want to Buy ISO Certified RO Spare Parts at best price? If, yes then here in this blog we list some product, you can buy these products at Amazon with few simple clicks and at best price.

List Of RO Spare Parts

1. Carbon Block (Activated Carbon Filter)
Activated carbon block filters are used in the water filtration process.
Buy carbon block for removing chlorine & sediment from water.
The Pearl Water carbon block filter is designed to be a cost-effective solution that is highly effective at eliminating foul odors and enhancing the taste of drinking water.
Buy RO spare parts like carbon block filters for improving drinking water quality.

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2. Cartridge Filter
Pearl Water cartridge filter is designed to be excellent for use of filtration of liquids in various water industries.
We manufacture and fulfill orders in Delhi/NCR.
Customers can choose from a standard catalog of cartridge filters, or order their own specified Cartridge requirements, depending on their specifications.
It is available in the micron range of 5 microns and 10 microns.
The width size of 2.5" and 4.5" is available with a length of 20 inches.

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(A) Slim Cartridge Filter:-
(B) Jumbo Cartridge Filter:-


3. String Wound
Pearl Water string wound filter cartridge is a premium performance water filtration product.
It is the combining result of the design and production process that helps to create an exact shaped depth filtration product.
String wound structure contains loose outer layers and very tight inner layers that offer the best filtration against sediments and dirt.

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4. FRP Vessel
Pearl Water Technologies is a supplier, manufacturer, exporter of FRP Vessels.
If you are looking for the best water treatment, here you can get top-quality genuine products at a reasonable price.
We are well known and trustworthy water equipment provider in Delhi/NCR.
Our FRP vessels have high strength, better chemical resistance, and are lightweight.
We are one of the best FRP Vessels Manufacturer in India.

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5. Cartridge Filter Housing (Water Filter Housing)
A Cartridge Filter Housing is a casing around filter Cartridges. It is available in different sizes and styles. 
The design of Housing depends on the following factors:-
- Flow Rate
- Operating Pressure
- Operating Temperature
- Filtration Rating
- Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
- Cost
- Service Time
- Mode of operation – Batch/Continuous
How does it work:-
Water enters through the Inlet nozzle which directs the flow to the filter cartridge put inside. The cartridge filter or bag filter separates the contaminants from the Water. After this process, the clear water comes out from the outlet.

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(A) Slim Filter Housing:- 
(B) Jumbo Filter Housing:-

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