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Iron is frequently blamed for keeping water clean, as most well owners are aware. A problem with iron is indicated by drinking water that has a brown tint to it or by bright orange streaks in the toilet and bathtub. Water with stains, discolouration, and unpleasant tastes and odours contains iron. Iron may damage household appliances, clog pipes, lower water pressure, impair the flavour of coffee, tea, and other beverages, and stain the siding and sidewalks around your home.

Since iron is the most common mineral and possibly the one that causes the most problems in water around the world, it enters water through the crust of the planet. Additionally, plumbing that is rusted and corroded is to blame for allowing iron to enter well water.

Ferrous, ferric, and bacterial are the three different types of iron. Different iron filters or treatment methods are necessary for each kind. Rust forms when iron is exposed to air and water, which causes it to oxidise and degrade.


An iron filter is your best option for correctly and completely removing iron from your water. Iron filters clean the water, get rid of impurities, and eliminate stains.


Let us see what benefits Iron Filter provides us with-


1. Removes Rust

Rust is the main cause due to iron proficiency content. You might have seen the red flakes from the metal fitting and all the other stuff that comes in contact with the water. It decreases it’s the life of the fitting to such a great extent that it gets corroded within inside too. Excessive amount of iron presence in the water can damage most of the appliances that we use. When there is too much sulphur, it smells like rotten eggs and can cause appliances to rust and corrode quickly. Filters are used to get rid of iron, manganese, and sulphur.


2. Eliminates Sediments

When we hear the word sediment it can be easily assumed that the sediments always settle down at the bottom of the container. When the iron content is high then you can easily find different types of sediment settled at the bottom which most of the time cannot be seen by the naked eye and they are as harmful as consuming plastic. Iron filters remove sediment as tiny as 20 to 40 microns resulting in pure, clean water.

3. Low Maintenance

The Iron removal Filter is fully automatic which means you do not have to worry about operating it manually. Plug and play system which enhances the productivity of the Filter as per the usage. Your precious time will be saved while all the work can be done automatically. Made up of high-class FRP which is Fibre reinforced Plastic assures you a sturdy and non-reactive material with long life of the product.


4. Automatic Regeneration Cycle 

A regeneration cycle for iron filters is started automatically by a controller dependent on the volume of water flowing through the system and the number of days used. The homeowner just needs to inspect them twice a year to make sure they are functioning properly because trapped particles are flushed out throughout this procedure.


5. Removes Stains 

If there excessive iron content in your water then you must have seen the yellowish, Maroon- reddish stains in your bathroom and kitchen sink area. Which fades the beautifulness of the appliances and the area and sometimes it can get on the clothes too which is very much hard to remove. An iron water filter can be the solution for you if you're sick of seeing rust stains that are orange-yellow in your bathroom. Your clothes, especially whites, will last a lot longer and sparkle, along with your home's plumbing, baths, and appliances.



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