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Benefits and Applications of RO Membranes


Benefits and Applications of RO Membranes



RO Membrane is one of the most vital parts of the RO Plant. RO Membranes are known as the “Heart of the RO Plant” that does all the work. The filters remove the impurities and other substances that may damage the RO membrane from water. The removal of contaminants is done when the water is sent through the semi-permeable membrane which traps the smaller, harder-to-remove dissolved solid particles through the process of Reverse Osmosis. The main advantage of an RO Membrane is that almost no additional substances need to be added and can achieve one's goal with limited energy costs. RO Membrane price is cost-effective. If the membranes are not properly maintained, they quickly become contaminated with severe consequences for the process.

What can damage the RO membrane?

The main causes for the damage of RO membranes are - 

Fouling - impurities can deposit on the membranes, especially during a standstill. Microbiological growth on the membranes, pre-treatment failure, etc can also cause the RO membranes to become dirty. 

Scaling - the precipitation of poorly soluble chemicals on the membrane surface by oversaturation. 

Membrane damage - when chemicals react with the membrane and cause damage to it.

Consequences of Contamination of RO Membranes

Contaminated RO membranes lead to various problems: 
Lower permeate flow 
Lower salt discharge 
Lower-quality water
Increased differential pressure 
Increased costs
Shorter service life of the RO membranes.

How to know if RO Membrane needs replacing?

The changing time of RO Water Membranes depends upon the above factors. If the water has a very high level of impurities, and a high TDS level, then the RO Membrane would need to be replaced quite frequently. Some factors are needed to be considered before changing the RO membrane –
 The hardness of the water or TDS level.
 The amount of water used in purifying the water. 
 Level of impurities and contaminants present in the water. 

How often should the RO membrane be replaced?

The RO Membrane on average should be replaced every 3-5 years. If it is still producing good quality water then may be able to keep longer than five years. RO Membrane price is very cost-effective and can be easily changed.
If RO Membrane is never cleaned, then the lifespan of RO membrane may get reduced. If the water has a sour taste or certain odor, it is time to go for a maintenance check. 

RO Membranes provided by Pearl Water

RO Membrane 15 LPH Classic
This RO Membrane 15 LPH Classic has a micron rating of 0.0005 microns. It is made of TFC (Thin Film Composite) with a total service life of 7500 liters. With working TDS of 7500 liters, this RO membrane is easy to install.


 It has a 96% Salt Rejection rate.
 Membranes can produce better, cleaner water for households to consume.
 This membrane can support upto 1000 TDS of input water.
 This membrane is made with an Anti-bacterial sheet and the housing is made with pure food-grade plastic.
 RO Membrane price is very cost-effective.

RO Membrane 20 LPH Ultra

This RO Membrane 20 LPH Ultra does not use or produce any harmful chemicals. It is friendly to the environment as well as energy-efficient.


 It can be used in all types of Domestic RO Water Purifier Systems.
 It has a beautiful design and also is sealed strongly to avoid leakage problems.
 RO Membrane price is cost-effective.
 It can effectively remove heavy metals, minerals, and other soluble salts from water.
 Requires minimal maintenance.

Benefits and Application of RO Membrane

 It has the ability to treat high TDS-level water.
 Chances of fouling are very less.
 It is very simple and can be easily operated.
 It is also used to remove impurities in Food & Beverage Industry.
 It is used to remove TDS in Industrial process water treatment.
 Maintenance is negligible.
 RO Membrane price is cost-effective for their service life.
 It is used to produce clean drinking water in homes.


RO Membranes are a very useful and important part of RO plants and Purifiers as not only do they remove contaminants from water but are also easy to operate. With features like negligible maintenance, easy operation, etc the benefits and applications of RO Membrane are many.
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