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Antiscalant RO - 1400

Antiscalant RO - 1400


Specifications :-

  • Pearl Water offers the best antiscalant for RO systems, scientifically proven formula based chemical composition.

  • Dosing rate of 3 – 5 ppm recommended for ideal result , dosing may differ as per membrane manufacturer terms, refer to membrane manufacturer operation manual for specific applications.

  • Suitable for most reverse osmosis (RO) membranes.

  • Lowers operating cost of Industrial RO Systems.

  • Capacity is 5 ltr.


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Antiscalants RO 1400 are manufactured from specially designed chemicals to inhibit scale formation and precipitation of crystallized mineral salts into the membranes. Antiscalants get absorbed on the scale and prevent mineral scaling by forming salt crystals and through this process prevents the bonding of the supersaturated salt to the crystal surfaces. Antiscalants are exclusive man-made polymers such as polyacrylic acids, phosphonates, anionic polymers. 

Technical Specifications of Antiscalants RO 1400 :-

Brand - Pearl 

Name : Antiscalant  - R O - 1400

Chemical Description - Solvent, Phosphino-carboxylate, Polymer

Ingredients - Determined as Non Hazardous – 100% (w/w)

Ingestion/ Inhalation - May cause gastrointestinal and mucous membrane irritation.

Environmental hazard- Can’t contaminate surface water. 

Carcinogenicity - Non carcinogenic.

Storage - Store container in cool and dry condition and keep the container closed.

Not Compatible - Strong Acid & Oxidizing


Boiling Point- 125º C

Melting Point - N/A º C

Vapour Pressure - <0.01 mm Hg (1 atmosphere)

Lower Explosion Limit - N/A

Upper Explosion Limit - N/A

Vapour Density- (air=1) - 1.0 Evaporation rate (Butyl acetate=1): <0.01

Flash Point - Not Inflammable

Physical state - Concentrate liquid

Appearance - Off white

Odour - Odourless

Flash Point - Not flammable.

Specific Gravity - 1.1 – 1.2 + 0.5 

Solubility in water - Complete

pH- (100%) - 1-2 + 0.5


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Modern RO systems use membranes to produce high quality water and to ensure that scaling doesn’t impact the membranes and to prevent fouling a good quality antiscalant is required. Due to impact of high pressure the water will pass through the membranes leaving behind the minerals which will not pass due to its ion size and overtime scale formation will happen if they are allowed to concentrate beyond their saturation limit. The scale on the membrane surface would prevent water from passing through, so it is essential to inhibit scale from RO chemical systems to operate continuously.

If the wrong antiscalant is used then it will allow scaling and subsequent performance loss  therefore injecting the right antiscalant at the correct dosing rate is important to prevent scaling problems completely. 

Application areas of Antiscalants RO 1400:-

Antiscalants are fed upstream of the RO System and typically require very low dosage rate and at the same time maintaining proper dosing rate of an antiscalant is very important. On the one hand under dosing can cause scaling or fouling and on the other hand overdosing can cause a deposition of the antiscalant onto the membrane surface in result creating a fouling problem.



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