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Ultra Filtration

Ultrafiltration is used to remove essentially all colloidal particles (0.001 to 1.0 microns) from water and some of the largest dissolved contaminants. The pore size in a UF membrane is mainly responsible for determining the type and size of contaminants removed. In general, membrane pores range in size from 0.005 to 0.1 micron. 

Ultrafiltration is used in:
•    Laboratory grade water purification.
•    Wastewater treatment.
•    Drinking water treatment.
•    Paint Recovery in the automotive industry.
•    Desalting and solvent-exchange of proteins.
•    Dialysis and other blood treatments.

Specifications :-
  • Ultra filtration (UF) is a pressure-driven barrier to suspended solids, bacteria, viruses, endotoxins and other pathogens to produce water with very high purity
  • Ultra filtration will remove high molecular-weight substances, colloidal materials, silt (SDI), and organic and inorganic polymeric molecules.
  • It serves as a pre treatment for surface water, seawater, and biologically treated sewage effluent.
Benefits :-
  • Reinforced PES material- high tensile strength
  • Low fouling
  • Consistent, high quality permeate
  • Sharp rejection profile
  • Long membrane lifespan
  • Small footprint
Technical Specification :-
  Hollow Fibre Spiral-wound
pH 2-13 2-11
Feed Pressure (psi) 9-15 <30-120
Backwash Pressure (psi)    9-15 20-40
Technical Specification :-
  Hollow Fibre Spiral-wound
Temperature (°C) 5-30 5-45
Total Suspended Solids (mg/L)       <500 <450
Turbidity (NTU) <15 <1
Technical Specification :-
  Hollow Fibre Spiral-wound
Iron (mg/L) <5 <5
Oils and Greases (mg/L) <0.1 <0.1
Solvents, phenols (mg/L)        <0.1 <0.1